IceCream Frees Up Space on Your iPhone in the Blink of an Eye

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Unbelievably, Apple is still selling 16GB versions of the iPhone (my advice: don’t buy one). With a 4K camera and features like Live Photos, that’s just not enough space. Or is it? A new app called IceCream has arrived to help iPhone users free up as much space as possible as quickly as possible through better photo storage and management.

IceCream is actually a camera app that works by storing your photos in the Cloud for free.  Built on Amazon’s secure Cloud infrastructure, any photos taken using the IceCream app will automatically get backed (IceCream keeps smaller versions of your photos organized inside the app while storing the full high-resolution versions in the Cloud).

I think this is absolutely a great idea but it makes the iCloud experience a bit less seamless. When you use all Apple apps to manage your digital life, things (usually) “just work.” But if you move your photos from your device or from iCloud to another Cloud, some of Apple’s “magical” experience degrades a bit.

Still, if you’ve got a problem with low storage space on your iPhone, this looks like a brilliant solution. The only other drawback I can think of is that the icon looks so good it makes me want to eat a lot of ice cream…

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