iClever Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard Review: Ingenious Concept but Takes Practice

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I’m typing this review on my iPhone 6s using a small, thin, foldable keyboard: the iClever Foldable Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Mini Wireless Keyboard (whew, that’s a long name). It’s an impressive engineering marvel that definitely works but does have a few drawbacks.

But first, the good news. This keyboard is small. True, that could be considered a drawback as well, but a person interested in buying a keyboard like this is looking for something compact. And while I’ve tested several small, travel-friendly keyboards in the last few years, I’ve never run into one this small.

Even though it is small, thanks to the fact that it can fold up, it’s still usable. The keys are actually fairly large and are satisfying to press.


But as a person used to typing on an Apple wireless keyboard, I’ve had a very hard time getting used to this keyboard. The more I use it, the better I get at using it, but I’d say there’s definitely going to be a period of adjustment for new users.

For one thing, it drives me nuts that the backspace key is so tiny. I’m always hitting the back slash key instead as that is the position of it on the aforementioned Mac keyboard I am used to. I’m also always constantly mis-typing as the keys aren’t centered like they are on my Apple keyboard. On the Apple keyboard, the letter keys are centered between the caps lock on the left and return on the right. On the iClever keyboard, the keys aren’t equal in size on the left and right so the whole experience feels shifted over to the left which leads me to type a lot of errors.

Also, the keys don’t register quite as nicely as the Apple keyboard. The P key, for instance, seems to give me a particular amount of trouble.

But on any keyboard this size, some compromises are going to have to be made. I understand why it functions the way it does: it makes sense. But don’t expect this to be as nice of an experience as a normal desktop keyboard.

For me, typing accurately sometimes means having to peek here and there to make sure I’m going to press the right button because hitting that backspace key is a bit of a pain. But I feel like with a lot of practice, a person could definitely get quite proficient ...

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