iCloud Sucks at Photo Backup (and iCloud Costs Too Much)

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Apple’s official iCloud description bugs me. It’s a nice thought but in reality there are several frustrating issues plaguing the service in the real-world. Apple says, “iCloud securely stores your photos, videos, documents, music, apps, and more — and keeps them updated across all your devices. So you always have access to what you want, wherever you want it.” I say, “Not so much.” Let me explain.

I’m a huge Apple fan. My new iPhone 7 Plus just arrived this week, I’m wearing an Apple Watch right now, I have two Apple TVs, a 9.7″ iPad Pro and a 27″ 5K iMac. I wish that sharing information (syncing) between these devices worked better than it usually does. I also wish I trusted Apple to backup my important info — like photos — but at the moment I don’t. Let’s start there since that is one of my biggest complaints right now: NOT having access to what I want, wherever I want it.

When I take a photo I would prefer it to be backed up instantly and forever (as long as I paid for my extra iCloud storage).

But I found something odd and disturbing recently when I went looking for some photos from a few years ago: they weren’t on iCloud. They were just gone. Fortunately I’ve been backing up my photos locally for some time, but that’s quite a pain. iCloud should be my painkiller in this department, but it’s not.

After calling Apple support I found out that iCloud.com was the only gateway to my really old photos — there wasn’t a good way to access them on my iMac, iPhone or iPad. That’s… inconvenient.

Apple needs to fix iCloud Photo Storage. The company finally got rid of the 16 GB base iPhone model because it just wast’t enough storage — especially for phones equipped with 4K cameras. It’s great that iCloud Photo Storage makes extra room on your crowded iPhone — but what I really want is rock-solid storage and backup of my entire photo and video archive.

And then there’s the iCloud pricing…

Just the other day I got a message on my iMac saying my iPhone could no longer be backed up to iCloud since my 2 GB of storage was nearly full. So I had to upgrade to the next tier: 1 TB (5x storage) for $10/mo (or $120/yr). I used to think this wasn’t ALL that bad (assuming things actually worked) but then Google announced the Pixel.

So an iPhone 7 Plus user like myself has to pay Apple 10 bucks per month to store all of my photos and videos but Google Pixel (and Pixel XL) owners get free unlimited photo storage.

Apple has billions of dollars in the bank — it’s time to catch up to Google here and offer free unlimited photo storage ASAP.

C’mon Apple: it’s time to fix iCloud.

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