If Product Hunt Was Just For Apps…

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Product Hunt is awesome.

But what if there was a Product Hunt that was, and always would be, exclusively focused on apps; a place where non-app “clutter” didn’t exist? What if the site was built for the masses who USE tech products, rather than the great folks that MAKE them? What if being a curator (deciding which apps deserve the most attention) and an influencer (sharing your favorite apps with your friends) happened in the same click or tap? What if you could get useful tips and discover hidden features or deals (mmm, Easter Eggs) you’d otherwise never know about—straight from the developer?

What if you could sort apps by whether they’d be useful in your business or personal life—or narrow things down by platform? What if finding an exciting new app was literally as simple as clicking a link that said Gimme!?

What if there was an easier, more fun way to find apps than firing up an app store? What if you wanted a new app, but didn’t have anything specific in mind? What if there was something better than an “explore” button that merely listed a bunch of apps people in your area had downloaded (most of which turn out to be from local news channels) and a seemingly endless list of categories to sort through?

What if great apps appeared right in front of your face—everyday—without even having to search for them? What if app discovery was laid back and friction-free?

That’s Apps You’ll Love (AYL), the new app discovery service from DailyTekk. Click here for a walkthrough.

As the founder of DailyTekk, I’ve always loved telling people about my favorite new apps. As an iPhone and Mac owner I crave great new apps myself. I hate looking at the screen and being bored with what is there (ya, I’m probably one of those people that checks their phone 150 times per day). When I open the App Store to find something new, more often than not, I’m bored with what is there too.

Combing through the app store isn’t my favorite way to find new apps. My favorite way to find a new app is through a recommendation from someone I know. I guess I figure if someone is going to recommend an app to me they’ve probably put in some work already—or at least had a good experience. In either case, if a friend or family member tells me to check out X app because I’ll love it, I’m probably going to do just that.

That’s essentially the experience I’m trying to recreate, at least in some capacity, with Apps You’ll Love. Each day on AYL, DailyTekk’s small staff will post 10 new apps that we think people will love. They’re personal recommendations from our network. It’s a curated approach.

If you know anything about DailyTekk, you know I, the founder, love to curate things. I’ve written more than my fair share (whatever that is) of top 100 roundups. Some have been quite popular, like my annual list of the 100 best, most interesting blogs and websites. A top 100 post I wrote for ReadWrite was popular enough to land me a quarterly bonus. So curation is a natural fit for me and this site.

But the curation doesn’t stop there. Like Reddit, people have the power to vote for items they think deserve wider attention—in this case, apps. Unlike Reddit, Apps You’ll Love doesn’t have AN upvote button: it has 3! That’s because AYL counts the following social actions as votes: Facebook shares, tweets and pins.

Why? Because social actions ARE votes. They always have been. When you share an article you found interested on Facebook, tweet about a great restuarant you ate at or pin a photo of an awesome Bluetooth speaker you want to buy: you’re voting. When you recommend something to your social circle, you’re endorsing it. If you’re going to tell other people you like something, you want to make sure it’s something good. You have a reputation to keep up, after all.

So shares, tweets and pins count as votes for apps on AYL. Consequently, each vote is more than a vote that simply gives more visibility to an app. Each vote shares that app’s profile across the social web. And just like that, news about great apps can spread and the AYL community can grow, which in turn will help even more people discover apps they’ll love and so on.

So there you have it: two levels of curation. If we feature an app that’s truly great, the community will validate that fact. If we feature an app that’s only so so, the community will curate our curation appropriately.

But… there’s a third level of curation built-in. AYL was absolutely designed to give the crowd a voice. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest account, you can vote for your favorite apps. But AYL was also designed to let influencers influence. If Ashton Kutcher votes for an app via a tweet to his 16+ million followers, it’s going to receive many additional votes in kind. Some people might not think this is fair; some people might want everyone to have 1 equal vote. But I’m OK with this. In fact, I think it’s a good thing.

Influencers tend to be influential for a reason. Ashton, for instance, invests in technology companies regularly. I trust that he knows a thing or two about what makes for a great app. Will influencers like this at times have business interests at work behin their votes? Sure. But influencers have absolutely no control over the apps I decide to feature on the site in the first place.

Like many entrepreneurial minded people, I built Apps You’ll Love because it’s a service I wanted to exist. There were other ways to discover apps, but none of the worked exactly like I wanted. They’re either too complicated, too developer-focused, not app-exclusive, full of apps I could care less about… you know what I mean.

But I also built AYL because it made sense for DailyTekk. I write about apps anyways—now I’ll have a never-ending flow of great apps to write about and know before-hand what resonates with my audience.

Apps You’ll Love is going to be a work in progress. We’ve already got some cool new features planned and coming soon. But we’ve got to start somewhere and sometime and that means pulling the trigger today.

I can’t wait to hear what you think about Apps You’ll Love.

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  • Great initiative! Curious to hear your thoughts on dealing with ‘new user accounts’ upvoting and sharing. As it’s still early you’ll likely have a higher percentage of new upvoters, will you at some point assign greater value to AYL community members that have been around for a longer time?

    This is one of the things Reddit and PH are doing to prevent voting rings, but can be quite challenging to find the right balance as it’s a fast growing community.

    Good luck with AYL, I’ll be watching and upvoting 🙂

    • Hi Pieter,

      Thank you for the vote of confidence.

      We have some ideas about how to make voting as fair as possible. In fact, we have some measures in place already to prevent unfair voting that seem to be pretty effective. We’ll always continue to improve our system as much as possible.

      But I will say this: our system is designed to let great apps shine. I really believe that over time we will see the best apps getting voted to the top. One big reason is that this is a platform that will let influencers influence. If a person with great “tech taste” has earned a large following and decides an app is great… it will do great on our system.

      It’s not perfect and it’s not something we’ll rely on, but it’s a start.

      Thanks for your support Piet! By the way, Pie looks very interesting. Good luck with it!


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