If Product Hunt Was Just For Apps…

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Product Hunt is awesome.

But what if there was a Product Hunt that was, and always would be, exclusively focused on apps; a place where non-app “clutter” didn’t exist? What if the site was built for the masses who USE tech products, rather than the great folks that MAKE them? What if being a curator (deciding which apps deserve the most attention) and an influencer (sharing your favorite apps with your friends) happened in the same click or tap? What if you could get useful tips and discover hidden features or deals (mmm, Easter Eggs) you’d otherwise never know about—straight from the developer?

What if you could sort apps by whether they’d be useful in your business or personal life—or narrow things down by platform? What if finding an exciting new app was literally as simple as clicking a link that said Gimme!?

What if there was an easier, more fun way to find apps than firing up an app store? What if you wanted a new app, but didn’t have anything specific in mind? What if there was something better than an “explore” button that merely listed a bunch of apps people in your area had downloaded (most of which turn out to be from local news channels) and a seemingly endless list of categories to sort through?

What if great apps appeared right in front of your face—everyday—without even having to search for them? What if app discovery was laid back and friction-free?

That’s Apps You’ll Love (AYL), the new app discovery service from DailyTekk. Click here for a walkthrough.

As the founder of DailyTekk, I’ve always loved telling people about my favorite new apps. As an iPhone and Mac owner I crave great new apps myself. I hate looking at the screen and being bored with what is there (ya, I’m probably one of those people that checks their phone 150 times per day). When I open the App Store to find something new, more often than not, I’m bored with what is there too.

Combing through the app store isn’t my favorite way to find new apps. My favorite way to find a new app is through a recommendation from someone I know. I guess I figure if someone is going to recommend an app to me they’ve probably put in some work already—or at least had a good experience. In either case, if a friend ...

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