Infographic: How Attached Are We To Our Computers?

Mobile computers have changed the way people interact with the world. From shopping online and meeting new people to organizing carpools and researching history, the Internet and laptops have made life easier for everyone. For example, did you know that the average person spends roughly 66 hours on a computer every month? That fact alone may now surprise you as you’re most likely viewing this site from your computer, but the fact that only 22% of that time is spent via social media might astonish you instead. So before thinking you’re not really attached (more like addicted) to your computer and are aware of how much time you’re on it, read this inforgraphic below. It might just surprise you.


The average person spends 66 hours on the computer every month.

We use the internet to… work research 62%, make purchases %58, find contact info 55.5%, manage finances 50.1%, look for jobs 45.5%, travel reservations 43%

80% of internet users do online research before making a purchase.

Most commonly researched products: consumer electronics 40%, cars 38%, software 28%, telecommunication services 22%, cosmetics 21%, medication 20%, gaming devices 19%, airline ticket 18%, food 17%, credit cards 15%

69% of adults worldwide interact using social media sites.

Social media use accounts for 22% of time spent online.

Most popular social media sites: Facebook 66%, LinkedIn 20%, twitter 16%, Pinterest 12%, Tumblr 5%

The average online courtship lasts 18.5 months; the average offline courtship lasts 42 months.

1 in 8 married couples met on the internet.

59% of adult Internet users look for health information online.

Topics most often researched: food safety and recalls 29%, drug safety and recalls 24%, pregnancy and childbirth 19%, memory loss/dementia/Alzheimer’s 17%, medical test results 16%, chronic pain management 14%, long-term care for elderly/disabled 12%

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