Ingenious Headphones That Don’t Get Tangled

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One of the most annoying annoyances a smartphone user deals with is tangled headphone cords. Doesn’t matter if you’re an Apple or Samsung user, a Beats lover or a Bose fanatic. Wired headphones get tangled.

Well, almost all wired headphones get tangled. I’d read about ZipBuds before on various tech blogs. They’re earphones that literally zip together when not in use. Genius.

But until today I had never tried them.

They’re best feature? The zipper. It’s actually very, very cool. And it really works.

The sound quality is merely okay. Nothing to write home about. I don’t love headphones that have those switchable little plastic cups on the end (like the ZipBuds do). They aren’t elegant, either. The colors are bold which part of me likes, but I’ve really grown to like the plain white Earpods Apple keeps me supplied with everytime I purcahse a new iPhone.

These are of course my own personal feelings. If you truly hate tangled cords they may be just what you’re looking for. It’s a problem they solve in a slick, intutive way. Otherwise, I think they’d be great to use in a pinch or as a backup pair.

In the end they haven’t conviced me that the best way to deal with tangled headphone cords is to simply go wireless if you can afford it.

Have you tried ZipBuds? What do you think?

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