Innovators: LifeKraze Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Michael Brooks Jr.

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Innovators. They come in many forms. They dream big but they aren’t just dreamers. They form raw ideas into cool products with disruptive business models. They shatter entire industries and leave established leviathans running scared with their tails between their legs. The Innovators interview series connects you with the most driven people on the planet. What makes them tick? What advice do they have for tech founders? What tools do they use to get the job done? Read on to find out.

Michael Brooks Jr. is the co-founder and chief technology officer at LifeKraze, responsible for the development, design, and user experience of the company’s products. Working for his family’s photography business growing up, Michael developed a keen eye for aesthetics and an obsession for detail. This led him to Clemson University, where he earned a degree in graphic communications. As a forward for Clemson’s varsity soccer team, Michael also applied his drive for excellence to athletic accomplishment, while living and learning team leadership skills.

Michael’s love for design led him to work with top-tier national advertising agencies, first as a Production Artist at Bartle Bogle Hegarty in New York, and then as an Art Director at Ogilvy Mather in San Francisco. It was in Chattanooga in 2010 that Michael met with Ben Wagner, another collegiate soccer player with plans for changing the world. Recognizing a need in their own lives for support and accountability in the “real world” of post-academic life, the two LifeKraze founders decided to create a fun social platform where people could motivate and compete with each other. In his role as CTO, Michael continues to work to ensure that the passionate community of active users is enjoying the best experience possible. During his free time, Michael enjoys scoring goals for Chattanooga FC, tending his garden, and experimenting with crafting the perfect cup of coffee.

What do you enjoy most about your work and why?

I love waking up every day, trying to build and improve on a company that is dedicated to changing lives and making actions count. I also love the people I work with—we are all passionate about using technology to help people do their best.

Where does your passion come from? What drives you, inspires you, excites you?

My parents have always been a huge inspiration to me and they helped guide me into the sports world before I could even ...

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