Innovators: Mark Wolfe, Co-Founder of RRKidz

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Innovators. They come in many forms. They dream big but they aren’t just dreamers. They form raw ideas into cool products with disruptive business models. They shatter entire industries and leave established leviathans running scared with their tails between their legs. The Innovators interview series connects you with the most driven people on the planet. What makes them tick? What advice do they have for tech founders? What tools do they use to get the job done? Read on to find out.

Throughout his 27 year Hollywood career, Mark Wolfe has been a Producer or Executive on over 100 films, including such acclaimed and successful movies as Terminator 3, Kinsey, I♥Huckabees, and K-19: The Widowmaker. Shepherding over $1 Billion worth of movie projects through Hollywood, Mark managed to lose only one of the two things he attempted to maintain throughout his career: his sanity and his sense of humor. Having been all over the world making films, worked with some of the greatest actors, writers and directors, and watched a film he produced World Premiere from the Tsar of Russia’s private box in St. Petersburg, Wolfe has proven that film school was actually a good idea and is glad he didn’t try medical school after all. Mark produced two films in which LeVar Burton either directed or starred, leading to a friendship and business partnership in Burton/Wolfe Entertainment, a company founded on the principles of “doing well by doing good.” With Burton/Wolfe’s creation of RRKidz and the acquisition of Reading Rainbow, Wolfe now finds himself shuttling between LA and San Francisco pretending to understand technology despite his inability to successfully utilize a pencil sharpener.

What do you enjoy most about your work and why?

Right now, all over the world, thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people are enjoying some movie, TV show or project that I am responsible for. The knowledge that the work we do in Hollywood can entertain, enlighten and educate strangers I will never meet makes it all worthwhile. With Reading Rainbow and RRKIDZ, hearing our customers tell us how their children, never readers before, suddenly embrace and look forward to the stories we are telling makes “work” a true pleasure. Starting with nothing but an idea and a blank whiteboard and a year or so later seeing it become reality in homes all over the world, that’s the most enjoyable part of what I ...

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