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Here to share the inside scoop on Klout is Katelin Holloway, Director of People. As described by a coworker, “Katelin has been there practically since the beginning. She not only understands our culture like no one else, she lives, breathes and inspires it.” Read on!

KloutIf you could describe the essence of Klout‘s culture in one word, what would that be?

Resilient. Klout is discovering new and completely uncharted areas of the internet. Pioneering isn’t easy business; it takes conviction, audacity, and might. Above all else, it requires resilience. We’ve built an incredibly strong team that can weather any storm. We stand together, in the name of influencers everywhere.

Describe your favorite part of the office/campus.

I love the kitchen. As in any home, the kitchen is the heart of the company. It’s always alive and buzzing – from informal meetings, to breaking of bread, to the afternoon PBR. I’m pretty certain all of the truly important decisions are made here, not in the board room.

How would you describe the best day you ever had at Klout? What made it so great?

Kloutoberfest, Holiday Party, Halloween – it’s nearly impossible to choose the best day at Klout ever! If I had to cast a vote, I think it would be the Klout Talent Show this last summer. To celebrate a fantastic summer semester with our interns, the team huddled up and performed for one another. We had a fire dancer, rappers, ribbon dancers, and musicians. Seeing how incredibly talented this team is outside of their roles at work was inspirational! The interns topped it all off with a Klout version of “Call Me Maybe”. Adorable!

Describe your workspace—what does your immediate work area look like?

My coworkers constantly give me grief for how tidy my space is. Being in HR, there’s no room for mess. Organization is key! Besides my spectrum of highlighters and Sharpies, our team proudly sports the Holstee Manifesto. And I keep close to Finance because they always have all of the good treats.

How would you describe the quintessential Klout employee?

Kloutlaws, as we call ourselves, are a very unique brand of people. We are not afraid. Every single day we strive for excellence: in our code, in our business, and in ourselves. We don’t abide mediocrity. We don’t waste time on b.s. We ship, iterate, then ship again. We are transparent in our interactions. We are more than a company – we are Kloutlaws. Together, we ride.

Describe one unique/goofy/crazy/weird/quirky thing your team does for a little fun.

At Klout, we value an employee’s dedication to the team. We celebrate employee anniversaries with a fury! Jed Shearer, one of the first Kloutlaws, recently celebrated his 2 year anniversary. We hosted “The Jed Games” to honor Jed’s commitment to Klout. I can’t give away the details, but it involved Rice Krispy Treats, the CEO spilling himself over the front handles of a scooter, and a pretty intense obstacle course. And true to his namesake, Jed took home the trophy at “The Jed Games”.

If there was one thing you could describe to an outsider to make them feel like a Klout insider, what would that be?

Bone up on your old school rap. 2Pac, Biggie — get ready to spit some lyrics and get down on the dance floor. Klout loves a good 90’s dance party! If you don’t know, now you know…

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