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Today, Phil Kench has shared some inside information about Shazam where he is the Senior Product Manager. Read on to find out more!

Phil KenchIf you could describe the essence of Shazam‘s culture in one word, what would that be?

Flexible! Shazam has many demands of its team serving media recognitions of Music and Television across many markets, and the team is really good at pulling together to solve problems and evolve the product, regardless of their formal roles in the company.

Describe your favorite part of the office/campus.

Hard to narrow down – there are two:

In the middle of the hub where our iOS development team are located, there is good banter when the team are at work on building new features out.

But… There’s also the kitchen, a naturally social area, where Shazam’s various bakers often deliver cakes and cookies.

How would you describe the best day you ever had at Shazam? What made it so great?

Probably after Shazam v5 came out on the iPhone and seeing the user feedback on the lightning fast tagging – in fact, it’s the fastest tagging in the industry, with results in as little as one second. It had been a lot of work for the team, but really paid off.

Describe your workspace—what does your immediate work area look like?

Nothing too radical, a couple of screens, a release history, quite a few iPhones of different eras, and, now that I look, an awful lot of post-it notes.

How would you describe the quintessential Shazam employee?

Quick to learn, open to change, experimenter.

Describe one unique/goofy/crazy/weird/quirky thing your team does for a little fun?

The competitive hot chicken nugget eating ended fairly quickly, but more recently our very own bagpipe player on the team has been recording audio for our internal testing, which injects a slightly surreal moment when you hear it played back.

If there was one thing you could describe to an outsider to make them feel like a Shazam insider, what would that be?

Shazam is a little piece of magic to our fans, and like all magic, the result is impressive, and hides all the work it took to produce. Everyone at Shazam knows their hard work goes into producing those moments of magic, because it’s worth it for our quarter of a billion users around the world.

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