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Jane Shin is the US community manager for SoundCloud in San Francisco. She leads community outreach activities and programs to engage SoundCloud community members to build connections, stories and sounds in the community. Check out what Jane has to say about the SoundCloud experience!

If you could describe the essence of SoundCloud’s culture in one word, what would that be?

Collaborative. At SoundCloud, more than 28 nationalities are represented across four offices in Berlin, London, Sofia and San Francisco. The cross-team collaboration across the world is inspiring and one of the greatest learning experiences I’ll take away from working here.

Describe your favorite part of the office.

SoundCloud San Francisco office enjoying a ping pong game

The ping pong table. Not only is it a great reason to take a break, but it’s also the perfect way to bond with the team. New folks who visit the office are challenged to a game. It’s a relaxer, a team-builder and an icebreaker all in one.

How would you describe the best day you ever had at SoundCloud?

SoundCloud Heroes from all over the U.S. arrived at SoundCloud's San Francisco office -- left is David Noël, VP of Community, SoundCloud
SoundCloud Heroes from all over the U.S. arrived at SoundCloud’s San Francisco office — left is David Noël, VP of Community, SoundCloud

The SoundCloud Heroes summit weekend in April. It was the first time we invited the first group of SoundCloud ambassadors to learn more about SoundCloud and to hear their experience as part of the community. Meeting a community member face-to-face after only being in contact with online feels like you’re meeting a long-time friend. Our weekend together emphasized to me how community is truly at the heart of SoundCloud.

Describe your workspace—what does your immediate work area look like?

I like to keep things simple to stay focused. I have a notebook and post-its to jot down random ideas or tasks for the day. Hydration is essential, so I always have a glass of water. Finally, the SoundCloud coaster helps me think that a lot of what I do is also about having fun and being creative.

How would you describe the quintessential SoundCloud employee?

Open-minded and friendly. Being part of a team that spans continents means you give new experiences a chance. Many of us are lucky to be part of an international team.

Describe one unique/goofy/crazy/weird/quirky thing your team does for a little fun.

Our San Francisco office started the tradition of “Friday Fika.” Fika is Swedish for coffee-break. Every Friday at 3, we eat dessert (an individual is assigned to bring something), drink coffee and have casual conversations or discuss a topic. Fika defines how we all have voices at the table.

If there was one thing you could describe to an outsider to make them feel like a SoundCloud insider, what would that be?

Sound speaks to our emotions. Sound brings people together. Sound fulfills our lives and we hope it does for you too.

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