Instagram Insanity: 60+ Ways to Print, View and Share Instagram Photos

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Instagram, the iPhone (and soon Android) app that makes it easy to share photos will friends and family, is blowing up. In March of this year, Instagram had over 27 million users and over 100,000 weekly downloads. Whether you already love it or are just now getting into the craze, this roundup is all about helping you get the most out of your Instagram photo sharing and viewing experience. If you are already and Instagram user then you’ve probably heard of a few of these services before but I’m sure there’s plenty of new territory for you to discover. As always, let me know what I’ve missed–if it’s something good I’ll get it added!

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Random + Noteworthy + Instagram

  1. Postagram – Instantly print and ship Instagram photo postcards (iPhone).
  2. SnapWidget – Add Instagram photo gallery widgets to your site or blog. *LM
  3. Hashgram – A clean, minimalistic Instagram search tool.
  4. Copygram – Copy and vanity URL Instagram photos.
  5. Instaport – Export, download and backup Instagram photos.
  6. Followgram – Creates an Instagram follow button for blogs.
  7. Instadrop – Automatically sync your Instagram photos with Dropbox.
  8. Hashtagram – Realtime slideshow of Instagram photos.
  9. Instabam – Find lovely Instagram photos near your current location.
  10. Instahub – Collection of Instagram web apps. *LM
  11. Instagram Apps – A Tumblr blog dedicated to cataloging cool apps.
  12. Instagramers – For Instagram addicts.

Print Your Instagram Photos

  1. Printstagram – We print your Instagram photos.
  2. Instaprint – A location-based photo booth for Instagram.
  3. Printsgram – Create cool photocube PDFs and more.
  4. StickyGram – Instagram magnets with free international shipping.
  5. ImageSnap – Ceramic tile custom-printed with your images.
  6. MoPho – Mobile photo printing. Now offering 1 cent Instagram prints.
  7. Instagoodies – Stickers of your Instagram photos.
  8. Keepsy – Easy photo albums. Create Instagram photo books in seconds.
  9. Artflakes– Print your Instagram photos as giant stickers.
  10. Instamaker – Your Instagram photos on apparel, cards and more.
  11. InstaShirt – From your Instagram to a shirt.

Plays Nice with Instagram…

  1. Hipstamatic – iPhone photo app. Port photos to Instagram.
  2. Foodspotting – Find and recommend dishes. Post food photos from Instagram.
  3. – A personal page all about you. Now supports Instagram.
  4. Timehop – What did you do 1 year ago today?
  5. Animoto – Video slideshow maker. Full, built-in Instagram support.
  6. Flipboard – Your social magazine. Easily view your Instagram stream on an iPad.
  7. Pictarine – Aggregates all the photos you’ve posted on the web.
  8. Vitrue – Social marketing platform. Add Instagram photos to Facebook.
  9. Momento – A unique approach to diary writing (iPhone).
  10. BadgePlz – Social photo widgets. Includes Instagram support.

Fun and Games

  1. InstaMatch – A memory game for Instragram photos.
  2. Casetagram – Create custom cases with your Instagram photos.
  3. Sweet Hat Club – Integrates with Instagram to show off your crazy hats.
  4. Clockstagram – See the time displayed by popular Instagram photos.
  5. Screenstagram – Instagram screensaver for your Mac.
  6. INSTAWAR! – Choose the better of 2 photos in this tournament.
  7. Wallgram – Create Instagram wallpaper for your favorite gadgets.
  8. Instamory – Memorize and collect matching instagram photos.
  9. – Scrolling Instagram photos of cat related things.
  10. InstaPuppy – Dog photos from Instagram.

Instagram Web and Desktop Interfaces

  1. Extragram – An easy way to view your favorite Instagram photos.
  2. Statigram – Web interface, metrics, search tool and more.
  3. Carousel – The best way to experience Instagram on your Mac.
  4. Instamazing – Locate fresh pictures taken around you.
  5. Gramfeed – Instagram photo feed on the web.
  6. INK361 – A web interface for Instagram and so much more.
  7. Cartagram – Instagram visualization showing popular photos on a map.
  8. Visual Grub – Instagram on your Mac.
  9. Insta-great! – View popular Instagram photos one at a time.
  10. Instabauble – Explore Christmas photos on Instagram.
  11. – A mashup of Instagram and Pinterest.
  12. Webstagram – View photos, like, comment, follow, unfollow and more.
  13. InstaEarth – Popular Instagram photos from around the world.
  14. InstaMem – Wait! This reminds me of…

Instagram Apps for iPhone and iPad

  1. Instagallery – Browse Instagram photos in style (iPhone/iPad).
  2. Instamap – Browse Instagram photos on a map.
  3. Coverjam – Listen to music while viewing Instagram photos of the band.
  4. Slidelight – Instagram photo frame for your iPad.
  5. InstaFlow – Intuitive and diverting way to explore photos.
  6. Tweegram – An easy way to Tweet on Instagram.
  7. GramFrame – Watch Instagram photos fall beautifully onto your screen.

Other & Miscellaneous

  1. Adsie – Small ads, big impact. *LM
  2. Instacanvas – Instagram artist marketplace. *LM
  3. Instagrid – A clean web gallery for your Instagram photos.
  4. 52Grams – Connecting fashion savvy Instagrammers.
  5. Rrrewind – Shows popular Instagram photos from history.
  6. InstaQuit – Track who follows and unfollows you on Instagram.
  7. Gramjunction – A gathering of recent Instagrams.


*LM – Suggestions from Luke Miler.

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