InstaHeads – Free Tool To Skyrocket Your Instagram

One small photo-sharing application has turned into a place with 500 million active users who share more than 50 million photos and videos and leave 95 million likes every day. One doesn’t even need to have a marketing spirit to understand that this popularity can be used for promoting and advertising. Nowadays it’s not as easy and innocent as it seems – even a newcomer celebrity has a team specializing on Instagram promo. They know what exact content to post, how many times a day and what precise time is the hottest on Instagram. Such teams create strategies by taking into account not only Instagram’s limits, but also unique persona of their client, their business field, the demographics of their community, as well as the client’s competitors and overall goals.

Unfortunately, rare aspiring independent brand has enough finances to hire a professional marketing team for Instagram specifically, but there are still a lot of ways to make use of Instagram:

The above rules are not hard to swallow, however, most part of businesses don’t have the luxury of time to do so much manual work. Finding the right people to engage with is a hard work on which depends your brand’s popularity. Planning to follow or like a precise amount of accounts and posts an hour to keep your account from being temporary frozen or banned is a drudgery, especially for aspiring brands who already have a lot on their shoulders on a daily basis. Luckily, there is a solution to help your business’ Instagram account become popular without investing huge sums in it – it is using special Instagram marketing tools.

Struggle to find a perfect Instagram marketing tool? InstaHeads may be quite what you are looking for!

Key features:

Additionally, InstaHeads is absolutely FREE and  safe to use – all interactions with your Instagram community happen on your computer only. Account passwords are not being stored, and used only once to request access token from Instagram.

Go grab free beta version of InstaHeads on their website www.instaheads.com and watch your business flourish!