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Today I am happy to announce the beginning of a new project we’re very excited about here at DailyTekk. We’re going to be playing host to a collaborative story experience that will allow some of today’s brightest science fiction authors to envision future technologies in use 30 years from now. If I had to describe the project in one sentence, it would go something like this: A Future Invested is a collaborative, interactive and multi-author online story that follows the life of a young American venture capitalist and the near-future technologies he encounters on a day-to-day basis set 30 years into the future and published a chapter at a time.” The family-friendly story that unfolds will provide entertainment for our readers, a creative outlet and platform for exposure for authors and, perhaps most importantly, a blast of inspiration for today’s tech entrepreneurs; a win-win for everyone involved.

Inspiration for this project comes from sources like Corning’s A Day Made of Glass (embedded below), Microsoft’s excellent Productivity Future Vision video (also embedded below) and other future-predicting projects such as the Prometheus promo trailer featuring Guy Pearce at a TED talk in the year 2023. Of course, there are also amazing examples of near future technologies in movies like I Robot (robots, duh) and Minority Report (interactive displays, personal jet packs, etc).

What It’s All About

It’s fun to envision the future, isn’t it? For decades, our culture has been captivated by technology envisioned in iconic science fiction books and films such as Star Wars, Total Recall, The Matrix, War of the Worlds and Back to the Future. In fact, science fiction writers such as Ray Bradbury or HG Wells have often been able to predict new technologies that later became real products. A few examples include the Internet, the iPad, virtual reality and the pocket calculator. Similarly, A Future Invested will focus on exciting near-future technologies that could exist just 30 years into the future while following a consistent plot and revolving around a character named Topher Brandon, a 25 year-old venture capitalist and his various exploits.

Topher is a college dropout who sold a company at age 24 for $250 million dollars who now invests in new tech. Not your average VC, Topher is a designer by trade, grew up in Colorado and now lives just outside of Lincoln, NE on a 25 acre property to get away from all of the noise in the world’s leading tech hubs. Even in an age bursting with innovation and invention, Topher is fascinated with, and clings to his love of, old-fashioned white boards which he surrounds himself with in his home office and uses to sketch out new ideas. Topher’s wife Lora runs a chain of environmentally friendly stores which stock natural and organic products.

Topher has 2 close friends: Nik Lark, an outdoor enthusiast who works at a local sporting goods store and takes a group of underprivileged inner-city kids camping and hiking in the mountains of Colorado once a year, and Ben Large, a low-level, overweight graphic designer who works for a local advertising agency.

Topher’s interests include design, modern architecture, space, snowboarding, nature, business, philanthropy and of course, technology. He’s a bit of a goody-two-shoes, but not in a dorky way. He’s super-friendly, doesn’t drink or curse. He can be lazy but works furiously when motivated by something exciting. Above all else he can’t stand institutionalism and resistance to change.

Who Will Participate?

Today’s leading science fiction writers alongside the best and brightest up-and-coming genre authors will be given the chance to write a single chapter that advances the storyline and plot of the book while at the same time envisioning some new, drool-inducing technology that doesn’t yet exist but could realistically in about 30 years. Additionally, DailyTekk readers will be encouraged to comment on each chapter to express ideas, wishes, concerns and generally provide feedback to help shape the direction the story takes.

How Will It Work?

Once a week, DailyTekk will publish a new chapter (around 1,500-3,000 words) written by a different author that imagines a new technology that hasn’t yet been invented (in the year 2012) but that could theoretically exist by the year 2042. Each author will be tasked with cleverly weaving the new technology they have thought of into the everyday lives of Topher Brandon, his family, friends, business associates and contacts. Each author is completely free to introduce new items, characters, circumstances, descriptions, etc… as long as the story remains 1.) family friendly, 2.) each chapter adds at least one new near-future technology and 3.) each chapter must be about Topher in some way, no matter how distant (thanks to William C. Dietz for this last rule suggestion). While the main subject of the book will be technology, the book should have a broad and nuanced emotional appeal for a general audience.

When Will It Be Published?

DailyTekk will publish a new chapter either once a week or every other week depending on time and scheduling constraints. In the future, it’s possible that the book could be developed into a movie, TV show or released as a compiled eBook.


Future city illustration by 3yen on deviantART.

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