Insane iPhone 5 Features Leaked

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Just kidding (about the insane part, that is). Look at you, all obsessed with the new iPhone. What is it with new Apple hardware that makes people go crazy? If you look at the specs for the upcoming iPhone (that we can be pretty certain about), there really isn’t all that much to go crazy about:


  • Taller Case
  • Taller Screen
  • Smaller (New) Dock Connector
  • Superfast 4G Capabilities
  • Upgraded Performance

Surely there will be a few surprises, and hopefully they are good ones, but a smaller dock connector? That’s really nothing to swoon over. The biggest deal here is of course that it’s “newer” than the “old” iPhone. People just want to be able to say they have the most current hardware. I don’t blame them, it’s a nice feeling.

On the one hand, I have come to be a bit disappointed over the last few iPhone/iPad events because I havn’t been blown away to the same degree that it felt like I used to be. Maybe that is because I have developed unrealistic expectations, or maybe something seems to be missing with Steve Jobs no longer around. Perhaps most likely, I have been paying too much attention to all the iPhone 5 concepts floating around with unrealistic and insane features.

Either way, I am looking forward to the iPhone 5 event and seeing what Apple has up its sleeves. Are you? Do you think the Apple-frenzy surrounding each new product launch is ridiculous or fun (or both)? Let me know–leave a comment!


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