Is Apple’s Magic Officially Gone?

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Most people seem to think Apple will always be the Apple so many people have come to know and love in recent years, but Steve Jobs would be the first person to remind us that even the mighty can fall (and fall hard). With the introduction of the iPad Mini, could Apple be starting back down the slippery slope of merely tweaking existing products instead of inventing groundbreaking new ones?

As you probably know, one of the very first things Steve Jobs did when he returned to Apple and became the iCEO was to kill off the multiple products with slight variations and confusing naming schemes to concentrate on a few very focused products instead. The era of Steve may have indeed officially ended as it has been reported that the iPhone 5 was the last product he had any active input in. While the iPad Mini will certainly sell well, fewer people queued up outside Apple stores to be the first to buy the device when compared to other recent and memorable Apple product launches such as the first iPad or any iPhone premier.

If nothing else, the iPad Mini launch, a falling stock price driven by a recent executive shakeup and parody videos galore provide an opportunity for Apple employees, analysts and fans alike to question whether or not the company still has the magic touch. Does Jony Ive have any foam models locked away in his secure workspace that can still truly surprise? Can Apple pull off the tricky yet necessary content deals needed to make the long awaited iTV a dazzling reality? Is Tim Cook simply a stellar manager or can he prove his mettle as a superb innovator (or at the very least manage to enable other serious innovators to thrive)? Will Apple continue to be the one to out-innovate its own product lineup before competitors even have a chance as it has in the recent past? In short, is real innovation dead at Apple?

To help you make up your mind, here’s what the our Tech Think Tank has to say on the matter:

No: Apple’s Team is Too Talented to Fail

They say success has many parents, and failure is an orphan. With innovation, the mythology is reversed: great ideas erupt spontaneously from lonely tortured tyrant-geniuses working from their parents’ garages, while failed products are built by faceless droning committees and expensive marketing ...

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