Is Facebook Ripping Us All Off?

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As you might have read recently, Mark Cuban (the infamous owner of the Dallas Mavericks who has also invested in around 70 companies) is leading a revolt of sorts against Facebook. He’s going to deliberately begin leading fans to Twitter and other networks. Why? Facebook wanted to charge him to reach more of his own fans (around $3,000 to reach a little over 1 million Maverick fans). Yes you read that right. Facebook wants to charge businesses to reach their own fans. Ouch. Nobody feels ripped off when they are charged to reach potential fans—that’s called advertising—but being lured to draw fans to a Facebook Page under the assumption that you will have free and unlimited access to them and then pulling a switch-a-roo? I’m guessing that the average person who signs up for Facebook believes they will have access to any information they subscribe to (whether from a friend or a company). Apparently not. Last time I checked I didn’t see any text on Facebook’s homepage advertising, “Signup today to let us pick what you will or won’t see!”

If Facebook were a government, how long would the citizens put up with this type of censorship? I mean, is Facebook the ultimate cyber bully, pushing around it’s own users just because it can? How much a part of a community can you truly be when you are only privy to partial information? Can Facebook move forward in a way that doesn’t destroy the trust of both consumers and businesses and still turn a fair profit? In light of that last question, was going public ever going to be good for Facebook users or was it the beginning of the end of Facebook as we knew it? While many people already feel ripped off in terms of a lack of privacy on Facebook, is Facebook now ripping us all off in terms of information (consumers) and real money (businesses)? That’s not what you signed up for… is it?

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