Is Microsoft the new Apple? 5 eye-opening opinions (#5 is unbearable)

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Apple vs Microsoft, Mac vs PC and now Surface Studio vs MacBook Pro announcement: the battle between two of tech’s greatest titans is raging stronger than thanks to recent events and it’s actually an exciting development. Competition between big tech companies is only good for consumers and the competition is growing more fierce, but perhaps not equally so.

For years Apple’s products have collectively been thought of as the epitome of innovation and style. The brand — and it’s customers — basked in an unmistakable cachet. But two recent product launch events have sparked a serious discussion among tech enthusiasts and the media as more and more people are declaring that Microsoft is the new Apple (and Apple is the new Microsoft). Whether or not this is true I will leave up to you, but I have gathered some strong opinions on the matter to help you do just that.

While the Apple vs Microsoft debate has been raging for decades (who could forget the infamous I’m and Mac and I’m a PC ads), the conversation moved into top gear after Microsoft unveiled the new Surface Studio desktop computer a day before Apple unveiled it’s MacBook Pro refresh. Notice that in describing these events I used the word “new” for one and “refresh” for the other. This, I think, gets to the heart of the recent debate.

Before we get in further I think it’s worth pointing out that everyone is gunning for Apple these days (or at least taking the competition more seriously). It isn’t just Microsoft that is drawing comparisons with Apple’s iconic sex appeal. Google recently launched the Pixel phone which many have called Google’s iPhone.

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5 opinions that might make you rethink your stance on whether Microsoft or Apple is currently the more innovative company

1: Microsoft is braver than Apple

Chris Taylor for Mashable: “Admit it: Microsoft is now a braver, more innovative company than Apple”

This article is the boldest recent attempt I’ve seen to shame Apple after the Surface Studio and MacBook Pro announcements.

But under the leadership of Satya Nadella, Microsoft has been clawing its way to relevance with surprising speed.

There is no way to dispute this and frankly I wouldn’t want to. More innovation — from any tech company — is very welcome in my book.

The Studio, Microsoft’s first ever desktop product, is


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