Is This Instagram’s Best New Tech and Gadget Account / Profile?

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Instagram is known for beautiful photos. It’s also a great place to chat and interact with like-minded people. And know we hope that @dailytekk will be know for beautiful tech photos and great chats about the coolest products on the planet. And while many of my favorite Instagram accounts include travelers and daredevils and people whose photos almost seem to good to be true, there is actually a really strong tech community on Instagram. I mean people who have eye-catching, drool-worthy photos that feature gadgets and gear as the main subject rather than sandy beaches, landmarks or food. Some of my favorites include @mkbhd, @tldtoday and @unboxtherapy. Today is a big day though because there’s a new favorite in town: @dailytekk. Check it out and see what you think; here are two reasons why you should follow @dailytekk on Instagram including some sample pictures to get you started! If you like what you see help us grow!

Drool-Worthy Pics of the Best New Tech Products

What’s the best new way to discover cool new tech products? Sure, you can read the news (or our weekly list of the 10 Best New Awesome Tech products each Friday) but there’s nothing easier than seeing awesome pictures. With a visual approach to tech discovery, you’ll immediately know whether or not something is worth checking out.

The Amazon Echo is a permanent fixture in the DailyTekk studio.

A photo posted by DailyTekk, LLC (@dailytekk) on

Love this camera. Crispy 4K anyone? A photo posted by DailyTekk, LLC (@dailytekk) on

How smart are your light bulbs?

A photo posted by DailyTekk, LLC (@dailytekk) on

Never leave home without them. A photo posted by DailyTekk, LLC (@dailytekk) on

Go Behind The Scenes

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to run a technology website or YouTube channel? What equipment is needed and used, what things look like outside the camera frame, what a set really looks like? Well @DailyTekk’s got you covered — we let you in on the insider knowledge and satisfy your curiosity with a steady flow of #bts content.

Just another day in the office.

A photo posted by DailyTekk, LLC (@dailytekk) on

Time for a voiceover. A photo posted by DailyTekk, LLC (@dailytekk) on

You’ve seen them in the videos. Here they are together. We take our hats seriously here.

A photo posted by DailyTekk, LLC (@dailytekk) on

All editing happens on an Apple laptop hooked up to a 27″ Apple external display. Final Cut Pro X. Recognize any videos from that list? A photo posted by DailyTekk, LLC (@dailytekk) on

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