It’s Never Too Late to Take the Lead

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Sometimes I find inspiration in the craziest places. Recent example: a lightbulb. I recently replaced one of two pot lights in the ceiling over the fireplace so I had one new bulb and one old bulb, obviously. It was quite an ordeal to install this new bulb (involving multiple attempts at standing on an office chair with wheels on a wood floor with nothing to grip onto), so I was pretty excited to see my handy work pay off. I went to turn the bulb on, however, and was a little taken aback when the old bulb lit up immediately and the new bulb dimly came to life. While pondering whether it was truly broken and how much work it would be to replace and return and then install a new bulb, again, I looked back up and saw that new light was shining brighter… and brighter and so on until, yep, it was the brightest bulb of the two. More like I had expected.

This simple activity got me thinking… it’s never to late to replace an old bulb in your personal or business life. Maybe you have a failing or aging strategy and you are behind the competition. Installing something new might not immediately solve the issue. You might need to wait a bit for the true effects to be seen. Even if you start late, you can outshine the old with something new. Lesson? It’s never too late to take the lead. Thanks lightbulb.

Beware though–I’ve now got to replace the other bulb so it matches. Lesson: if you do start late and end up shiniest brightest… the competition will want to catch up.

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