Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset Review

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The Jabra Eclipse is a new favorite gadget of mine. When Bluetooth earpieces first appeared on the scene I thought they were cool (because they were new and new gadgets are partially cool just because they’re new). Later I thought they were dorky; just for old business guys without a clue when it came to fashion or social consciousness.

Now I’m throwing everything out the window and forming a new opinion of the category thanks to the Eclipse. It’s small, light, comfortable and the sound quality is great. But there are also some additional features that make this headset the best I’ve ever tested (which is, admittedly, only a handful, but still).

First things first: how clear is the sound and speech (because even if there are other amazing features, if it doesn’t perform it’s core duties well, nothing else matters). The Eclipse excels in both categories.

The speaker produces really great sound. The packaging says it’s music quality and they weren’t kidding. I enjoyed listening to music for hours on the Eclipse and marveled at how good my playlists sounded (even if it was a bit odd listening in just one ear). And it’s capable of getting quite loud too; in fact, it was powerful enough I was able to listen to music at the next to lowest setting comfortably (that was plenty loud).

And did you catch that? I said I listened for music for hours. That’s comfortably. I haven’t experienced any fatigue at all while wearing the Eclipse even over long durations. I absolutely can’t say the same about nearly any set of headphones I’ve ever tested (even really nice expensive ones with cushy ear pieces). After time they all eventually start to hurt my ears; but not the Eclipse.


In testing I never once had someone on the other end of the line say they couldn’t hear me or that I was breaking up. I take that to be a very good sign because even in late 2015, I experience too many calls when the person on the other end is using Bluetooth (a headset or in their car) or speakerphone and I just can’t hear them well. So the Eclipse performs admirably in this category.

The Eclipse can also control Siri or Google Now. Being an iPhone user (6s at the moment) I tested out the Siri controls. And I’m torn. On the one hand Siri control works really well. On the other hand it’s slow to get started. So, more accurately, controlling Siri with the Eclipse is surprisingly accurate — IF you can stomach the frustrating wait. This certainly isn’t an issue specify to this Jabra device: I’ve never had a third-party Bluetooth accessory access Siri quickly. But it’s a bit frustrating nonetheless.

Setting up the device was not quite as smooth as advertised or as I would have liked. The Jabra app found the device immediately but would’t pair over and over again. Finally, I restarted my phone and that seemed to do the trick.

The Eclipse comes with an insanely cool portable charger/cradle. The headset magnetically snaps into place in the cradle and auto-pairs with your phone the second you take it out. That works without fail every single time. The cradle is small enough that you can put it in your pocket (although I’m much happier carrying it around in my laptop bag). Why would you want to take it with you? Because it can provide an extra 10 hours worth of battery (that’s on top of the 3 or so the Eclipse gets on it’s own). Love it.

Also the auto-connect and auto-disconnect works really well in any situation. When I left my phone upstairs and went downstairs and then outside, the Eclipse unpaired when it was out of range and immediately re-paired when I got back in range of my phone. Super slick.

The picture I’m trying to paint here is that it’s very reliable. If you’ve got a call you want to take on the Eclipse you can count on it connecting and “just working” when you take it out of the charger and place it in your ear: hassle-free.

When you tap once on the earpiece you’ll get a rundown of remaining battery life and pairing status. You can double tap to answer and end calls as well.

Like I said it’s been a bit of a change wearing a Bluetooth headset around again, but I’m really warming up to it. When I was in college I never would’ve used this. But now that I find myself in a lot of phone meetings, the Eclipse is far preferred over popping in the EarPods that came with my iPhone.

If you’re looking into a Bluetooth earpiece, I can’t recommend the Eclipse from Jabra highly enough. It’s a killer device; it’s looks and it’s functionality feel very 007. Just buy it.

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