Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus Review (Upgrading from the iPhone 6s)

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Each new iPhone is special and significant to me because (like many people) it’s the phone that I rely on and use day after day, year after year. So I was incredibly excited to review the new iPhone 7 Plus (especially in the hard to get Jet Black) and now that I’ve been living with it for awhile I haven’t been disappointed.

I’m going to switch things up for this review and stick the conclusion right here instead of at the end. The iPhone 7 Plus isn’t revolutionary (that’s for sure). But it’s a delightfully solid and reliable workhorse of a phone that I’m most definitely going to enjoy using throughout the next year (until the iPhone 8 — or iPhone 10 as it just might be called if the rumors are true — comes out). In the end the iPhone 7 Plus turns out to be a nice mix of the familiar with just enough new flair to hold out for one more year for a complete redesign.

Jet Black

Let’s talk about that Jet Black first. First off, it was hard to get ahold of (even though I preordered, which was kind of a disaster through T-Mobile). But now that I’ve got it in my hands I love the way it looks — it’s even cooler in person than it is in videos. But…

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before ordering your Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus. It scratches really easily. I’m really, really disappointed by just how easy it is to scratch. I used my Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus for about a week without a case when I first got it and it got some of those “micro scratches” Apple warned about around the edges despite my efforts to keep it pristine. It would have been impossible to treat it any nicer than I did and I believe the scratches it got came from simply putting it in (and taking it out of) my pocket.


So no matter what you might be thinking, I’m going to go ahead and guarantee that you won’t be able to keep your Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus in perfect shape without a case.

Personally I’m going to be using the $19 Totallee Scarf because it’s super-thin and will protect against those scratches without adding any real bulk and also because it adds some much ...

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