Jet is Crushing Amazon: Here’s How (and Why)

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Jet, the newly launched Amazon alternative/competitor, is crushing it. Amazon, that is. Not in terms of market share of course (not yet), but in my own life. Aside from the savings you can see add up in your cart, Jet has better customer service by far (with American employees who go the extra mile), massively superior site and app designs, surprisingly fast shipping and a selection that, while necessarily smaller (which is par for a startup market entrant), is noticeably growing.

Now before I go any further let me say that Amazon has gleams of goodness here and there. The Echo smart speaker is a good example and there are other ways in which Amazon supremely shines. But many aspects of Amazon’s core shopping experience could be considered as simply going down the toilet (speaking from my personal experience). Take this article I recently wrote for instance: Amazon Crime: It Took 97 Minutes for Amazon to Admit They Were Screwing Me.

Now back to Jet.

I’ve placed several Jet orders already and there’s just something about using the service that is… nice. Even the email confirming an order has shipped is cool. The message reads, “Do a little dance. Your item(s) have shipped.” But if something goes wrong, Jet has seriously incredible customer service reps and policies. When I thought an order was wrong (it turns out the product just wasn’t what I was expecting), Jet sent me a replacement item and wrote me a hand-written postcard apologizing. Not a short, bland chain-letter. A real, thoughtful sentiment. Impressive to say the least.

And nothing against foreign employees, but so often Amazon’s customer service reps speak English so badly I can’t even understand what is being communicated to me. It makes an already bad experience (having a problem with an order) that much crappier. Thank goodness Jet reps seem to speak perfect English.

But I just love Jet’s design aesthetic. It’s SO good. I studied graphic/web design in college and I’m really impressed with Jet’s visual style and user experience. Amazon has always had a poorly designed website that looks like it was created by engineers (function over form mentality, typically). Jet hit the ground running doing design right. And it makes a difference. Shopping on Jet is like shopping in a clean, clutter-free department store whereas shopping on Amazon feels more like going through a flea market crammed ...

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