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John Tabis is the Founder & CEO of The Bouqs Company, fresh flower delivery to anywhere in the 50 states for $40 flat.


Our single, all-in price point. The industry is fraught with bait-n-switch and crazy upsells. You pay one price, $40, with shipping included and no fees at The Bouqs Company. You don’t even need to think about price once you’re on the site, and that means less pain for the consumer.


100% flexible work hours and location. Everyone is programmed differently in the way that they work. 8-5 is great for some folks while others fire up from noon to 10. Working from home is great for some folks while others crave an office environment. We let the team drive their own work schedule and environment such that they are most productive. This requires great self-drive and motivation, and productivity and accountability are key, but it allows everyone to lead their lives as they desire, and that’s hugely empowering and motivating for the team.


We ship ~15% free product with every order. It’s a little way for us to give a little extra love. Sure, there’s a cost, but that little extra surprise goes a long way.


Simplicity is key, and no one ever gains points for underselling.


When we first launched, I literally emailed our story to every single person in my address book, I messaged every single friend on Facebook, and I told every single person I met about us. And I didn’t send huge blanket messages – I sent individualized, personalized missives to every single person. This was my life here, and I was asking for help. That worked for customers 1-5. Since then we’ve been really focused on telling our story, and that has paid off in some amazing press like Oprah Magazine, Daily Candy, Maxim, and Thrillist, not to mention Forbes and the WSJ. (How many brands are in Maxim and Oprah within months of one another btw?)


Our How It Works video starts with me saying “Sending Online Flowers Sucks”. This is true, and it’s why we started the company. But putting my face on it felt like a leap, and essentially calling out the industry most definitely was. Has it paid off? Not sure yet. Time will tell.


Your pitch deck has to reflect your brand and company personality. The content is most important, but the packaging is right up there.


Tell a great story. If you have a great reason for being and it’s a good story, others will then tell it for you.


Wracking my brain, but sorry, I got nothin’.


Your alternative is to go get a job. If you’re okay with that? Then you absolutely should throw in the towel, and of course there’s nothing wrong with that choice. If you’re not, what other option do you have? Gotta double down, baby!

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