JUUK 42mm Revo Gunmetal Apple Watch Band Review

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I never wear my Apple Watch with it’s stock Apple band because, as a designer at heart, I enjoy the customization and personalization a new band affords. After owning my Apple Watch for nearly a year I’ve found that Watch bands are like iPhone cases: there are lots to choose from, not all are created equal, you can’t go by looks alone, quality really matters and the perfect band is a matter of taste. But today I have the privilege of writing about my favorite Apple Watch band to-date (which is saying a lot because I’ve tested more than my fair share). It’s the JUUK 42mm Revo Gunmetal, it costs $225 and it’s the best third-party Apple Watch band I’ve come across. Heck, I like it better (and have worn it more) than the default Apple Watch Sport band.

Looks and Design

JUUK’s Revo series Apple Watch bands are classically-styled. They aren’t loud or colorful and they don’t demand attention because they’re funky or gimmicky. They’re meant to evoke the feeling of a traditional, non-smart watch. To bring a little bit of old to the new school. They’re stylish in a James Bond sort of way; they know they’re capable and look good and know everyone else knows that just by looking at them — no explanations needed.

I chose the Revo Gunmetal (black) band to accent my Apple Watch (Space Grey Sport model). And it’s a near perfect match. If you look closely where the band and the actual Watch meet, there’s a small color variation. The Apple Watch is indeed a bit more grey and has more of a sheen to it while the JUUK Revo is a solid, unmistakable black. But you’d really have to be looking to notice. And even when you do, the colors work nicely together; they don’t fight.

At the bottom of the band — by the clasp — is an understated JUUK logo. It’s not loud and I appreciate the subtleness.

I am a very big fan of the clasp on this Watch band. Like the logo I just mentioned, it’s subtle. You wouldn’t even know it was there but for the barely visible side wings that let you unfold the butterfly clasp.

The clasp itself is solid: I have never had any issues with it coming loose or jiggling around. I’m not at all worried about my expensive Apple Watch ...

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