JUUK 42mm Revo Gunmetal Apple Watch Band Review

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I never wear my Apple Watch with it’s stock Apple band because, as a designer at heart, I enjoy the customization and personalization a new band affords. After owning my Apple Watch for nearly a year I’ve found that Watch bands are like iPhone cases: there are lots to choose from, not all are created equal, you can’t go by looks alone, quality really matters and the perfect band is a matter of taste. But today I have the privilege of writing about my favorite Apple Watch band to-date (which is saying a lot because I’ve tested more than my fair share). It’s the JUUK 42mm Revo Gunmetal, it costs $225 and it’s the best third-party Apple Watch band I’ve come across. Heck, I like it better (and have worn it more) than the default Apple Watch Sport band.

Looks and Design

JUUK’s Revo series Apple Watch bands are classically-styled. They aren’t loud or colorful and they don’t demand attention because they’re funky or gimmicky. They’re meant to evoke the feeling of a traditional, non-smart watch. To bring a little bit of old to the new school. They’re stylish in a James Bond sort of way; they know they’re capable and look good and know everyone else knows that just by looking at them — no explanations needed.

I chose the Revo Gunmetal (black) band to accent my Apple Watch (Space Grey Sport model). And it’s a near perfect match. If you look closely where the band and the actual Watch meet, there’s a small color variation. The Apple Watch is indeed a bit more grey and has more of a sheen to it while the JUUK Revo is a solid, unmistakable black. But you’d really have to be looking to notice. And even when you do, the colors work nicely together; they don’t fight.

At the bottom of the band — by the clasp — is an understated JUUK logo. It’s not loud and I appreciate the subtleness.

I am a very big fan of the clasp on this Watch band. Like the logo I just mentioned, it’s subtle. You wouldn’t even know it was there but for the barely visible side wings that let you unfold the butterfly clasp.

The clasp itself is solid: I have never had any issues with it coming loose or jiggling around. I’m not at all worried about my expensive Apple Watch falling off my wrist (unlock at least one other metal Apple Watch band I’ve tested).


It’s pretty easy to get your JUUK to fit perfectly on your wrist. There’s an included mini-tool (screwdriver) that you use to remove links.

Right out of the box the Revo band was far too large for my wrist. Within about 10 minutes I had the appropriate amount of links removed and had achieved a snug, comfy fit on my wrist. The good news for people with larger wrists is that there’s a very good chance this will fit.

In terms of comfort, the JUUK band’s fit like, well, a metal watch band. They aren’t cushy and padded, but they’re still comfortable on the whole. If you’re not used to wearing a metal watch band, they’re quite a bit heavier and bulkier — at least when compared with the light, sporty bands that come with the cheapest version of the Apple Watch.

I’ve been wearing my JUUK band day in and day out from the time I get out of the shower in the morning until the time I hit the sack and I’ve never had any reason to complain. I even wear it when I’m on the treadmill (which is probably not it’s intended use, but hey, I don’t want to switch bands constantly throughout the day).

Quality and Durability

My Revo band doesn’t just look like a high-quality Apple Watch accessory: it is, in fact, high-quality (as one would expect for shelling out over $200).

The last metal Apple Watch band I tested was a dud. It looked nice enough, but I was surprised when it literally fell apart on me. Seriously: it had link issues and would fall right off my wrist. That is exactly why I said earlier that all Apple Watch bands are not made equally — and the JUUK is a but above the “bargain” Apple Watch bands out there. I’d say it’s on another playing field entirely.

The links themselves are solidly attached one to another: they won’t be coming apart unexpectedly. I know because I’ve been wearing this band throughout all kinds of activities from workouts to skateboarding (and all kinds of activities in-between).

The connections (where the band actually attaches to the Apple Watch itself) seem much nicer than other Apple Watch bands I’ve tested as well — better than all but the official Apple Watch bands themselves. Apple’s bands slide into place in a silky smooth fashion. The JUUK Revo is in a close second in my opinion. Other Apple Watch bands I’ve tested have actually been tougher or downright hard to connect to the Apple Watch, so overall this is some nice engineering.


As you can tell from this review, I’m quite happy with the JUUK Revo. It’s a fine product. There are definitely cheaper metal bands available for the Apple Watch, but I can’t recommend those from experience. There are certainly more expensive bands available for the Apple Watch; I haven’t tested anything over $400, so I can’t recommend them personally. I can, and do, wholeheartedly recommend the JUUK Revo band, however. Not only because it looks good and functions really nicely but because I experience the owner to be a person of high integrity.

There was an issue that may or may not have affected my JUUK Revo band and the owner reached out to me to get it fixed — proactively. In fact, that issue had not been a problem with my Revo, but wow! I was so impressed that Eugene took the time to contact me and see what my experience had been like. I test A LOT of gadgets every single day, week, month and year and I have NEVER had a company reach out to correct a potential issue before. It was classy: just like the Revo itself.

Here’s the bottom line. I mentioned earlier that Apple Watch bands are like iPhone cases for a variety of reasons. I test a lot of both and when I find a favorite it stays. The JUUK Revo hasn’t left my wrist since I got it. At this point, it’s hard to imagine finding another Apple Watch band I’m going to like better: that’s how attached I’ve become to my JUUK Revo. If you’re considering buying one, I’d say to absolutely go for it.