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Kara Nortman is CEO of Moonfrye, a family based startup who just launched their first photo sharing app.


We utilize visual social media channels so that people can really experience what our product does and want to download it organically. We end up removing some friction because our product yields a creative visual on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc, that demonstrates truth in our advertising.


We try to balance between the blocks of time we spend together in meetings and the time each of us spends alone focused on work. While we have firm times to be in the office, we are also flexible and realize that people are most productive in different ways. We keep meetings to a minimum and when they occur we publish agendas in advance and try to have specific questions answered by the end of the meeting. We also leave space during the day for impromptu meetings so we do not have recurring meetings that take up time without focus or purpose. Overall, as long as everyone is accountable for what they must deliver, each person is given leeway to be productive in the way that suits them best.


We try to respond to all of our users through our social media channels so that our audience feels heard. As a company, we are social by nature and we want to interact with our customers. Soleil, my co-founder started this company on the heels of her 2M social media followers, so our heritage is one based on communication. For example, when one of our users wrote in requesting a special sticker be added to one of our themes, our team saw it and decided to deliver it immediately. The sticker was added an hour later, we posted a creation using the sticker and tagged the user who suggested it. Her response was, “I can’t like this enough!” Now, of course that’s not to say we will always do that, but we always try to hear our users and respond the best we can 😉


First off, keep it simple and short because less is more. Being excited about every detail of your vision is important, but you want to sound focused. My advice would be to cut out forty percent of what you want to say. Pitch sixty percent and let the additional forty percent reveal itself through the questions.

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