Kingpins of Virtual Reality

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Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Li Huang.

The rise of the Virtual empire

Oculus Rift. Sony Morpheus. Valve/HTC Vive. It’s no love triangle, but each of these three competitors seek to crown themselves king of the virtual reality market all the while studying the other two with jealous fervor. Who will win out in the end?

Enter the Bermuda Triangle of virtual reality, where it’s not ships and planes that get lost in the fog but consumer decisions. The struggle between the three giants to seal buyer loyalty resembles a swim through the sea of apps amidst the Android-Apple rivalry. What primarily distinguishes virtual reality from other industries is its revolutionary perspective and fresh footprint in the market, making its future nebulous. Will these three be the future Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft of VR or will some of them whither, making space for new competitors or a monopoly? In all the static of this VR Bermuda Triangle, which would be the best investment? Oculus? Sony? Or Valve/HTC?

Oculus Rift

Oculus is the forefather of VR. It is the pioneer that cleared marshes and paved the way for VR as it is today. Think of it the Rift to VR as Elvis was to rock n’ roll or The Beatles to boyband inspiration. In fact, the words “virtual reality” are so readily paired with Oculus that it easily makes the top five in any Google search of VR.

In June 2015, Oculus bolstered its reputation by rallying developer support from prominent companies like Insomniac Games and Ubisoft to its cause. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A longtime ally of Facebook and recent partnership with Microsoft make Oculus Rift both well stocked in funds and well staffed with the most capable technicians in the industry. It’s often pointed out that the engineers or crafters of a tech company determine its integrity and a large slice of its success. That being said, the combination of a superb core tech staff, plenty of cash floating around from wealthy sponsors along with millions raised in crowdfunding, and the looming rep for establishing the foundations of VR make the Oculus Rift a juggernaut without brakes… Or does it?

The Rift has only been demonstrated in very restrictive environments thus far. Furthermore, it heightens the minimum specs necessary on the PC to the point where users might have to strain their ...

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