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Kiyan Foroughi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Boticca, a luxury bazaar of fashion accessories.


I’ve learned to delegate. As a founder, it’s very hard to let go of doing certain things as new people join the team. It’s human to feel you’re losing your “value” but honestly, a founder’s job becomes setting the vision & objectives, getting the best people to work for the business and making sure the business is well-funded. Those 3 are much harder to do than you think!


After months of testing various different online marketing channels and lots of failures, we figured out a customer acquisition strategy that was profitable and scalable.


We activate our members via an extremely rigorous, analytical and targeted email marketing programme.


As the team grew, there were different visions about the business within the team. We did a team-wide branding project which brought back everyone onto the same page.


The development team has adopted AGILE development methodologies on two-week sprints.


We initially got our customers via PR, blogger marketing and social media buzz. Once we received our seed round of funding, we began paid acquisition marketing.


“You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.” No matter how many times you’ll hear it before launching your own business, you won’t understand what they meant until you’re in it.


Use Amex Platinum Corporate cards and put your entire spend on it. You’ll get miles in return and that will finance your travel expenses 🙂


I stood in line for one hour to buy a book written by a top Fashion journalist to tell her about Boticca. A few months later, we were featured in her magazine.

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