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Koustubha Deshpande is Co-Founder of Vessel, a platform for mobile A/B testing.


First and most important thing, plan it better and try to balance. As a technical founder, naturally you tend to focus on writing code, and executing it fast but that comes at the cost of the business and marketing side. To balance this my first half of the day is more focused on sales, meetings, demos etcetera. And the second half is toward checking progress and technical execution.


Focus. As a startup you see several opportunities coming in you every single day, it’s very tempting and difficult to choose one over the other. But at the end of it, it’s important to decide investment vs return. So sometime we pass on one to get another.


Find right set of customers and understand their needs. With different mediums like Twitter, Google and Facebook ads, getting impression is very easy but converting them to customers is cumbersome. So rather than broad marketing efforts it’s important to target the right segment of user to maximize your output.


Hiring the right mix of people is important. In our team every team member has their own personalities and opinions, but each of us focus on one specific department and drive it end to end. We respect others ideas to achieve the end goals for Vessel. It makes our work culture easier.


Make use of the right tools and practices. Devendra (co-founder, Vessel) is a big fan of productivity tools. From the start, he inherited uses of services like Assembla (planning, code repo), Google Drive (design docs), Fabric (faster deployments) , Hip Chat in company’s DNA which helps us. As we all sit next to each other we prefer to conduct company meetings each Monday to discuss opportunities and the progress we are making.


We started this as a side project, to solve our problems as mobile app developers. To help others in similar shoes, we made it available to all. We reached out to the mobile app developers in the area and improved our product day by day.


Build your network while building your product. While fundraising, stay focused and don’t lose the grip on your product. At the end of the day, your product and sales will decide the future of company.


Our company has a hacker culture, we don’t just sit on ideas, we hack them and make it happen. Stay tuned, our big hack project is about to release in beta.


There are so many, this journey is all about making mistakes, executing crazy ideas and making changes. As i mentioned, we started this as a side project but following our gut feeling and quitting our full-time jobs to make it a real company was the by far the most important step we have taken.

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