Kwikset Kevo Review: Like Living in the Future, Now

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My life feels more futuristic all the time. That’s thanks to all the gadgets I receive and review each month. And while there are plenty that make me say, “Wow,” not too many make me feel like I’m from the future and those around me are stuck in the stone ages.

But that’s exactly the feeling I got when I saw the Kevo from Kwikset in action for the first time.

I’m used to keyless entry as a standard feature on cars, but houses? Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! And that’s exactly what Kevo is: keyless entry to your house. Well, sort of.

Kevo ditches the physical metal keys you’re used to and replaces them with eKeys (and okay, there’s a physical fob just in case you’ve got a kid without a smartphone or something, but still… no physical keys like you’re used to).

eKeys… these are awesome. Essentially, you’re phone unlocks your Kevo lock wirelessly when it detects that you are close enough to tap the lock. No fishing around in your pocket or purse for your keys. Just tap.

And you know how everything from the future lights up? Well the Kevo lights up when you touch it and it unlocks. There’s something thrilling and satisfying about it all at once. No, it’s not a lightsaber, but it still gives you a taste of the Star Wars feeling somehow.

Kevo also lets you rule your house like a dictator! No, that’s not true… don’t be a dictator. But you can track who enters or exits your house—and when—thanks to notifications from the app. Handy for dads with daughters dating a guy they suspect of… evildoing. So, dating anyone.

One of the killer features of the Kevo, though, is the ability to send an electronic eKey to a family member or friend. Say you’re on vacation and forgot to put out enough water for the cat… Ya. This could literally be a lifesaver.

Of course you do worry about security, but Kwikset has built-in multiple layers of encryption. I mean, let’s face it: if someone wants to break into your house, they could easily go through a window whether you use metal keys or eKeys. Or, there’s always the good old lock picking technique that old-fashioned locks can fall prey to. The long and the short of it is, nothing in this day and age is 100% secure if someone is determined enough.

But as long as you don’t upset the government, it’d probably talk a lot of hacking firepower to get through.

Kevo’s intro video has a nice parting shot and I’m going to make it mine as well: Kevo is smartphone-smart and one-touch easy.

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