Learn Swift: 3 Ways to Begin Mastering the Art of Building iOS, Mac and Watch Apps

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If I wanted to learn how to code I’d learn how to program in Swift, Apple’s iOS, Mac and Watch app development language. The Apple ecosystem is so large that it’s a logical (ha) place to start. Plus, if you want to earn a living as a top-notch coder, learning how to make apps for iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc. is smart because Apple users tend to be more affluent. In other words, they have more disposable money to spend on the products you can create (if they’re useful or entertaining enough). There’s nothing wrong with learning how to create Android apps or learning how to code in other languages like Javascript, Python or Ruby, of course. But for the reasons above, learning how to create for Apple owners seems like a pretty safe and smart bet at the moment.

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There’s something cool about an iOS app that can teach you how to build iOS apps. Swifty is a collection of over 200 bite-size, interactive Swift tutorials. There are over 14 lessons, 2 of which are free. The rest will only cost you $3.99. I love the approach; you can literally write your first program within a few seconds and it shows you that coding really isn’t all that hard or abstract (as you might have thought). Plus, Swifty has a fun attitude and having fun can make learning a lot easier.

Bloc Swiftris

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Bloc Swiftris teaches you how to code in Swift by helping you build your first game: a Tetris clone. This is a completely free tutorial which is broken up into 11 different sections. You’ll start with a basic introduction and end with adding some flair to your game. Along the way you’ll learn how to create a ticking game clock, how to make the shapes fall, how to add gestures and more. I think the approach of building a simple game is brilliant since it gives you an attainable goal that will quickly build your confidence as a beginning coder.


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SwiftBites is another iPhone app that will give you small, easy-to-comprehend Swift lessons. You’ll learn all the basics like understanding variables, control flow, classes, structures and more. If you like quizzes and challenges, you’ll like the SwiftBites approach. You’ll get interactive code samples and explanations of why answers were correct or incorrect and when it’s all said and done you’ll also get a certificate of completion. I like the approach of this app; fill in the blank exercises, for example, mean you’ll see answer options so you don’t have to memorize something immediately to make progress.


If you’re looking for more Swift tutorials and resources be sure to check out Stanford’s free online Swift lessons, learnswift.tips curated list of Swift resources for beginner, intermediate and advanced coders and the free Swift Development Newsletter which send out a weekly email with code examples, screencasts, tutorials and more.

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