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Lee Ott is the CEO and Co-Founder of RokketLaunch.


The characteristic of leadership that matters most is vision. Clarity of vision, strength of vision, commitment to vision. We make choices every day and the way we decide what to do is whether it aligns with what we’re trying to accomplish. We recently added support for Hotmail to PeeqPeeq. We didn’t have to, and we had tons of other work to do, but our vision is to turn email inside out, and we had tons of customers asking for this. Perfect fit.


When we started out we had planned to launch only on iPad. We thought our product concept was most interesting and most unique in that form factor. But we noticed all our beta customers trying to install the iPad app on their iPhones! So we built an iPhone version right before we launched. Good thing because we have a LOT of users on iPhone only!


Our best marketing tactic has been to get news and lifestyle publications – not necessarily tech – to write about the value our product actually delivers to their audience. PeeqPeeq really solves a problem for people, and those publications can connect us with those customers in ways that most online ad formats cannot.


See question #1! We’ve attracted every single person to the team with our vision. The vision is big, it’s different, and it solves an everyday problem that affects everybody. What’s not to fall in love with?


We meet every Friday for demos and donuts. Every single person demos what they’ve done all week, and we discuss ideas, implications, or possibilities that the work creates. It’s an awesome way for the team to take pride in what they’ve done individually and collectively, and a lot of our best ideas come out of those sessions. And donuts keep the energy level up!


Our first customers outside of the people we knew were people that tried the product when we launched. A LOT of those customers came in thanks to the positive review we got from David Pogue at the NYTimes. Back to the question about what marketing has worked, that worked.


I think I should write a book on this there’s so much. But most importantly I wish someone had told me much earlier in life that if you LOVE learning and thrive in chaos, there’s absolutely no better job. I would have started one a long time ago if they had.


I really don’t think we’re so much clever as persistent and blessed. We bought the ticket to go to NYC before we knew if the NYTimes was really going to meet with us (persistence). On the plane-ride back an All Things D editor dripped tea on my computer, which lead to an ATD article (blessing).


Everything about this journey is out of the ordinary.

Buying that ticket before knowing if the NYTimes was actually going to meet with us was a big one. Then actually getting to meet with David Pogue at his house and checking out his Emmy. That was awesome.

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