Leesa Foam Mattress Review: “Super Freaking Amazing”

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I hate feeling tired. When I’m tired it’s hard to wake up and get going, my head feels like it’s in a fog for hours and I get cranky. As I head into my thirties, a decade for which I have big expectations and from which I plan to squeeze every ounce of living from, once thing is clear: I need better (and more) sleep.

So on my quest for better sleep I’ve tried all kinds of things. Staying away from caffeine after dinner helps a little (but I miss the days when I could down half a 6-pack of Mtn. Dew and sleep like a baby immediately after). So does turning off all blue light-emitting screens long before I hit the sack (when I can manage to pry myself away so early, that is). I heard drinking cherry juice can help you sleep better. I’ve tried it but… I dunno.

But it’s not just caffeine or screens or lack of melatonin that keep me up. If there’s a big project I can’t wait to get started on, I might as well not even try to go to sleep until I get some ideas out of my head and into Evernote. I can get some good thinking done in the shower, but I hate it when my brain decides that 10:45pm is the best time to try to solve the world’s biggest problems.

I’m sure you can relate.

With all of the craziness going on in our modern lives, it only makes sense to try our best to optimize what we can for a better night’s sleep. And one of the things we actually have control over is the mattress we choose to sleep on.

For years now I’ve driven my wife crazy claiming that the best mattress I ever slept was in a luxury hotel in Beaver Creek Colorado. Whenever the subject of a mattress comes up (which, surprisingly, must happen more often that you’d think as I’ve definitely mentioned it at least a few times a year over the last half decade) I’m quick to reference the infamous Beaver Creek mattress. Man was it comfortable. It’s become a myth (which my wife believes I’ve exaggerated with each passing remembrance — and who knows, maybe I have… it’s been awhile now).

But the idea of the perfect mattress has been seared into my mind. I now know that a super comfortable mattress does exist in the wild — somewhere out there — but I never thought I’d actually have the privilege of owning a ridiculously comfortable mattress. I thought I’d have to head back to Beaver Creek to experience such a luxurious mattress again.

Thankfully I was wrong.

A company called Leesa contacted me a couple weeks back and asked me if I’d like to review their new mattress. I get a lot of review requests from all kinds of companies looking for exposure on DailyTekk and not all of them are technology related. My first thought was to ignore this request and fill the time I might have written about it with something more tech blog friendly.

But then I remembered Beaver Creek. And something in the back of my head told me this was worth checking out. After all, tech bloggers/vloggers — not to mention the entire world’s population — need a good night’s sleep to function at their best. And so I agreed and headed onto Leesa’s website to select the correct mattress size. That was the beginning of a beautiful, restful new relationship.

Because let’s face it: until I encountered Leesa, I thought the experience of buying a new mattress completely sucked (and so did you). Going into a store, laying on a bunch of mattresses in front of some sales people or other customers isn’t exactly relaxing. How can you possibly gauge how well a mattress will work for you in such a situation? You can’t, really. Knowing most people my age, we’d be more likely to pop online and pick a mattress out based on Amazon reviews.

But getting a Leesa mattress is different. At the moment there’s just one Leesa and all you need to do it pop onto their website, select the size and click order.

From the moment the Leesa arrived I knew — for sure at that point, though I had already developed a hunch — that this was no ordinary mattress. Mattresses are big. This box was relatively small. I double checked the label. Yep, it was from Leesa. Either this was a huge joke or the mattress had somehow arrived. But if it was the mattress, how in the world did they fit it into this box?

It became obvious as soon as I opened the box: this was a foam mattress, wrapped up in a crazy-tight spiral. Even Kramer’s Dominicans would’ve been impressed with this roll.

Even though the Leesa mattress ships smaller than it actually is when it’s chillin on your bed frame, it’s still heavy. I’d definitely recommend having a two-person team ready to move it where it needs to go.

Once you get it to the bedroom, it’s tie to unwrap the mattress and watch it expand to full size. Be careful though: you definitely don’t want to cut into the mattress when you’re slicing through the outer plastic. In fact, freeing the mattress from the plastic it comes in is probably the hardest thing you’ll have to do in order to get the Leesa up and running. It’s not terrible, but it takes a bit of patience. Again, it helps to have another person around to make this part go faster.

The Leesa mattress itself is… relaxing. The experience of laying on the Leesa is up there with the Beaver Creek mattress. I can’t call it the best, most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on, but it’s so, so close. It’s maybe just a tiny little notch below the luxury hotel at Beaver Creek’s mattress. In other words, it’s super freaking amazing.

The mattress I had before the Leesa was also a foam mattress, but the Leesa is about twice as thick. That’s because there’s so many layers of comfortable foam stacked up inside. More specifically:

  • A 2” layer of cooling Avena foam
  • A 2” layer of contouring memory foam
  • A 6” layer of dense core support foam

I’m not a foam expert (or a mattress expert for that matter), so all I can tell you is how it feels to sleep on. I don’t get too hot on this mattress (so I suppose that means the Avena foam does it’s job well), I melt into the mattress just enough (good job contouring memory foam) and, importantly, I sleep soundly when laying on the Leesa (so the core support foam must have something to do with that).

The Leesa comes with a nice-looking mattress cover as well, so no worries if you think you’ll need to find a new one that fits.

If there’s one complaint I have about the Leesa mattress it’s this: the sides of the mattress are kind of soft. For instance, if I sit close to the side of the mattress, I sink way down. I’ve got a wooden bed frame and, even though the Leesa is pretty thick, I’ve got to be careful that I don’t sit down with too much force and catch cheek full of frame. But that has nothing to do with sleeping and only happens on the side of the bed: the center of the mattress doesn’t sink unusually low. Also, I think most (if not all) foam mattresses probably do the exact same thing on the sides.

To sum things up, I’m really happy with the Leesa mattress. I can recommend it whole-heartedly to anyone looking for an awesome foam mattress and to anyone who would prefer to buy a mattress online rather than braving a brick-and-mortar mattress store. Without a doubt, the Leesa mattress is positively contributing to my mission of getting better (and more) sleep.

If nothing else I can say that I don’t miss the Beaver Creek mattress nearly as much these days.

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