Lifehack: Compare Offline Services Online

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“People just assume that they can’t compare prices online on offline services like haircuts, massages, dry cleaners, and oil changes,” says Jay Shek, CEO of Locality. Locality makes every service at every local business searchable online by price, ratings, and availability. “Consumers thank us for helping them save money and time on the services and errands they run in real life. It’s a very simple service to the consumer, powered by very complex technologies behind-the-scenes, which is my favorite kind of software.”

Have you ever been baffled trying to pick a dentist or find a decent place to get a haircut? Ya, me too. It’s too easy to find wrong or out-of-date info—or you don’t realize the info you need is actually available. Until now.

How was Locality born? Shek explains: “One day I dropped off a particularly large load of laundry and dry cleaning at a cleaner near my apartment. It ended up costing me $120 and I was shocked and felt a little ripped off. I wished right then that there was a website to let you to easily compare prices on offline services. It didn’t exist at the time, so we’ve spent the last two-plus years building it out.”

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