Logitech Case [+] review: the last iPhone case you’ll ever need?

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Fact: iPhones look and feel infinitely cooler without a cases. Fact: iPhones are too expensive for most people to just replace on a whim once broken. Conclusion: using a case for your iPhone is smart (if not slightly angering to Apple designer Jony Ive whose handy work you would be covering up). And if you have to use a case and it’s never going to look as good as a bare naked iPhone, you will obviously want to find one that adds a lot of functionality while looking as good as it possibly can and adding as little bulk to the equation as possible. Normally, that would look different for just about everyone, except…

Case [+] by Logitech ($199.99) is many cases in one. It was designed to be the last case you’ll ever need to buy. In short, it consists of a “base” case (for simple protection) which is simply referred to as Case [+], a stand add-on called [+] Tilt, a car dash mount known as [+] Drive, a wallet (understandably) titled [+] Wallet and finally a battery backup accessory known as [+] Energy.

The case unit alone—without being used in conjunction with any of it’s accessories—is a pretty good looker as far as iPhone cases go. It’s pretty thin, has a nice brushed metal look on the bottom half of it’s back side and seems quite sturdy. It’s simple and professional. If it was being sold separately, I’d use it, though I’m not sure the design would stand out enough for me to pick out in the first place, but that’s because I really like bright, bold colors. To me, this case says, “I’m ready to get down to business.” And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The case portion of the Case [+] system is magnetic which allows for all of the accessories to be attached.

The stand accessory (aka [+] Tilt) looks like an Apple iPad Smart Cover in miniature. But rather than attaching to the front of your device, it attached to the back. It has the same tri-fold design as the Smart Cover which allows it to be used as a stand in the same way a Smart Cover is used as a stand.

Interestingly, Logitech has a picture of headphones being wrapped in the [+] Tilt accessory apparently demonstrating a way to keep corded items organized. Not sure if I ...

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