Looking for a cheap iPhone for sale? 5 useful tips to save you money

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You can definitely find a cheap iPhone if you know where to look. Obviously “cheap” means different things to different people but it’s easy enough to find an iPhone deal or discount. If you’re lucky you can even nab a free iPhone (but don’t get your hopes up).

One thing to keep in mind while hunting for the best iPhone deals, though, is that the better the deal is the worse your chances become of actually landing it (notice I didn’t say impossible). Still, saving money in any amount is better than not so let’s get to it.

Before you go any further you should probably ask yourself a few questions. Do you want to buy the latest iPhone or are you willing to buy an older model? Are you okay with buying a used iPhone? Do you need a new phone immediately or can you afford to wait a bit? Getting your priorities straight will make this process a lot easier.

It’s easy to assume that getting a great deal on an iPhone means you’ll have to go the used route but luckily that’s not always the case!

#1 Check the world’s largest online retailer for a deal

Whenever I’m looking for a great deal on any kind of electronics I go to Amazon first. The reason is simple: Amazon is huge and has the power to offer incredible deals you just won’t find elsewhere. Does that mean it’s guaranteed that you will find a deal on the item you happen to want to buy at this very moment? No, of course not. But it doesn’t hurt to check.

The first thing to do is search for iPhone deals on Amazon (or just click here to get straight to the results). If you don’t find anything appealing there then head on over to the Deals in Cell Phones and Accessories section of the site for a look. Finally you could try searching for Amazon coupons or installing a helpful Chrome extension like Wikibuy.

#2 Get on a monthly installment plan

If the Amazon route doesn’t work for you then consider signing-up for a monthly installment plan from T-Mobile, Sprint or even Apple itself. The big idea here is to pay for your iPhone in pieces — or installments — rather than all at once. $10 (or so) a month is a lot easier to digest than paying several hundred ...

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