LUXr is a Tech Startup’s Best Friend

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LUXr, the international provider of training and education to startup founders which launched just earlier this month, is out to fundamentally change the way entrepreneurs create products. LUXr is all about promoting Lean UX (user experience), hence the name. LUXr’s target audience is the thousands of startup accelerators who want their companies to spend a month working to make exceptional products that customers love to buy. What do they say their competition is? The myth that a handful of smart mentors is good enough to get startups off the ground.

Begun as a 10-week in-person Lean UX “residency” for a select group of startups referred by top VCs, LUXr has expanded its training to New York, London, and Tokyo in just 18 months. “I have met a number of entrepreneurs who have been through the LUXr program, and I’ve witnessed first-hand the positive impact it has had,” said Eric Ries, best-selling author of The Lean Startup. “I’m extremely excited to see what will happen when this toolkit is made more broadly available in the startup ecosystem.”

Janice Fraser, LUXr’s CEO and founder, has this to say about the company’s experience so far and where she expects to find innovation in the future, “We kept meeting fantastic entrepreneurs from distant places who are starved for access to good mentorship and education. They’re still being given advice like ‘write a business plan’ and ‘make a product roadmap.’ We think the best ideas in the next decade aren’t going to come from Silicon Valley—they’re going to come from people in the world who are experiencing real problems in their real jobs and lives. I think of what we’re doing as ‘fomenting entrepreneurship’ and I’m finding that people out in the world, outside of our bubble, are hungry for it.”

Just recently the company announced the LUXr Core Curriculum, a toolkit for startup accelerators, with an endorsement from Eric Ries and investment from Mountain View-based accelerator, 500 Startups. The Core Curriculum is the first of its kind, bringing Silicon Valley methods (including Lean Startup™ and customer development) to entrepreneurs around the world. The toolkit includes four weeks of lessons with web-based video instruction, online support for entrepreneurs, as well as a set of hands-on workshop supplies and reference materials for each participant.

In a nutshell, here’s what LUXr has to offer:

  • Tested material endorsed by the best Silicon Valley minds
  • Currently being used by entrepreneurs from more than 13 countries.
  • Easy to integrate into existing programming and mentorship plans
  • No expert facilitator necessary.
  • Accessible price point ($395/person)

Funding is provided by seed investors from Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Dave McClure, Managing Director of 500 Startups said, “I’m thrilled that LUXr is offering accelerators their material. There’s massive growth in entrepreneurship outside of Silicon Valley, and having LUXr content available to them is a huge win. It’s exciting to have such a great team in the 500 Startups portfolio.”

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