Lyve review: the best way to store and organize your photos

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Digital photos. Simultaneously the best thing ever and one of the biggest problems in the digital age. It’s never been easier to document our lives but it’s also never been harder to keep that documentation organized and accessible. That’s where Lyve ($299) comes in.

Lyve describes itself as a solution to collect, protect and rediscover people’s most important moments. And let me tell you right now, it’s one of the coolest products I’ve come across in the last… well, ever.

Life before Lyve: iPhoto

Before Lyve, I was organizing my photos using iPhoto. iPhoto (soon to become Photos) does have some nice features such as face recognition, but it’s usefulness was obliterated by Lyve.

With iPhoto, managing pictures and videos from multiple people (ie in a family setting) was a beast. There were multiple copies of files on multiple computers and backing them all up was messy and frankly unintuitive. Plus, I hate the way iPhoto organizes photos. If you’ve ever clicked “reveal in Finder” in iPhoto then you know what I’m talking about.

Also, once photos/videos have been copied to a computer library using iPhoto, it’s almost like they are forgotten unless you go hunting for them. Plus, once they’re copied, they’re not easily accessible from your device or other devices unless you want to shell out for a monthly storage fee (iCloud or a similar service).

Lyve: the basics

Lyve is a small white box with a touchscreen that is slightly larger than the screen of an iPhone 5. The pure-white exterior looks sharp and clean. This is a storage device you’ll absolutely want sitting out in your house on full display—not something you can say about any other storage device I can think of. That’s because it’s useful beyond storage.


Before you can get your massive collection of photos and videos backed up and organized, you’ve got to get them all into the same place. This is a task that Lyve makes ridiculously easy (and oh so satisfying).

Once the Lyve device is setup users can install apps on their various devices to link them all up with the “home base.” When the apps have been installed they will automatically begin sending photos to the Lyve storage device.

So, if you take some photos on your iPhone and your spouse takes some photos on theirs they will both end up on the Lyve unit—automatically—as soon as ...

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