Marquee—A Tool For Easily Publishing Gorgeous Content

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You could say I do a lot of writing/blogging. Some of the articles I create take over 14 hours to produce. That’s a lot of time staring at a screen and working within an interface (WordPress for me, currently). So with that information as a point of reference, let me tell you that I was floored when I saw the demo of Marquee. The platform simply looks amazing. In an era where less is more, Marquee looks to be at the forefront of easy and beautiful publishing tools.

In a way we had already come into contact with Marquee here at DailyTekk—we just didn’t know it until recently. A few weeks back we published our annual list of the 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2014 and a site called Narratively was on the list. Narratively, as it turns out, is powered by Marquee. Alex Cabrera, the co-founder of Marquee, has this to say about the site: “The first big win we had was with Narratively. From the first conversations with Noah Rosenberg and Brendan Spiegel our visions aligned perfectly. It was incredible—we had never met, but had the exact same idea, down to the details, of how the project should be executed. Almost immediately after launching, critical acclaim was off the charts. Then Time named Narratively as one of the best sites of 2013. None of us saw that coming.”

The team that built Marquee got it’s start as a small design and development agency in Miami building projects for incubated startups that lacked their own creative teams. The team wrote client pitches and communications in Markdown which turned out to be a pain because they had to prettify them before sending them out. At first, the team set out to make that workflow easier but it didn’t take long to realize they wanted to fix a fundamental and structural problem in the publishing space.

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