Meetings suck but these 10 services make them so much better

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Meetings are the bane of many a work day. They can be hard to schedule, frequently run long and can easily become counterproductive when the wrong people are in charge. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. Meetings can be quick, on-target and productive. Everyone involved can feel empowered. Business can actually gasp get done. There’s a new crop of meeting-focused startups out to fix everything that’s wrong with your meetings. From intelligent (and hassle-free) meeting scheduling, to keeping all participants organized to facilitating videoconferencing, these 10 tools may change the way you do business and have a tangible impact on your bottom line.

  1. Do – Focused meetings with a visual timeline, shared canvas and auto summaries.
  2. MeetingHero – Say hello to highly productive, engaging meetings.
  3. Clara – A virtual employee who schedules your meetings.
  4. Vidless – DVR for your business. Host, record and playback meetings.
  5. – Instant screen sharing with powerful meetings tools and unlimited audio.
  6. Teamreporter – Kills your status meetings. Replaces them with scheduled email reports.
  7. – Quickly collaborate to determine the best time for everyone.
  8. – Minute your meetings. Take notes, share instantly. Pure essence.
  9. Wisembly – Prepare, facilitate and monitor your meetings. Increase participation.
  10. – Simple scheduling, access meetings via mobile. Integrated communications.

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