20 Sites With Awesome Gear For Men

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Any guy who is awake is a guy who can appreciate cool stuff. Any guy who isn’t dreaming also knows that stuff alone doesn’t bring lasting happiness—on the contrary, it often brings emptiness. I say any dude that’s not dreaming because we’ve all experienced that emptiness. If we want to pretend like we haven’t, all we gotta do is look at Jay-Z whose always chasing another million. Wait—if stuff doesn’t bring happiness, why did I make this list? Purpose. The causes of people undertaking life’s greatest pursuits (like living to enrich other people’s lives rather than their own—a hard thing to do if ever there was one) will benefit from employing the best gear on the market. For example, Malcolm Jenkins (pictured above) tweeted a link to a list of the best nonprofit tools I created a couple years ago. Here’s a professional football player (who could easily buy more gear than the average American man to say the least) who wants more… he wants to make the world a better place for other people (like through his foundation) and he wants the best tools for the job. Yep. Before you proceed, check your perspective—then attack your destiny with the best gear out there.

PS: If you happen to be looking for sites similar to Uncrate or Uncrate alternatives, you’ve just hit the jackpot.

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1. Uncrate

Uncrate is the original gear guide for guys. Since 2005, the often-duplicated but never replicated site serves up “the best of the best” men’s products to over 1.5 million monthly readers. The makers of Uncrate also produce a few other great sites: Devour, Gallivant and Rookie.


2. Gear Patrol

Gear Patrol goes way beyond a simple men’s buying guide. Their priority is to create thoughtful, enriching content—a strategy that manifests itself in many interesting features such as photo essays, a dozen regular series, opinion content and more.


3. Supercompressor

From the people who bring you Thrillist and Jackthreads comes Supercompressor: a site that fancies itself as diving into the bleeding edge of technology, gadgets, gear and more. With an eye on function, design ...

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