Monitormate ProStation 3.0 Monitor Stand Review

Not long ago I did a roundup of the best monitor stands and included within that roundup was the Monitormate ProStation 3.0. I wanted to follow that up with a more detailed review because this is a very useful, though not perfect, monitor stand that deserves to be talked about.

If you haven’t already, check out that roundup I did for more information on why a monitor stand can be healthy and useful for your desk setup. I’m going to proceed with this review assuming you have that knowledge in your head already.

Right off the bat what strikes a person looking at the Monitormate ProStation 3.0 is it’s aluminum aesthetic which nicely compliments the 27″ iMac I’ve got resting on top of it.  If you’re an Apple user, like me, this is a monitor stand you can’t help but look into.

But the benefits and features don’t stop there — especially for iMac owners. One feature I can really appreciate here are the extra USB ports which make this monitor stand a hub of sorts. The design of the iMac has a few eccentricities, one of which is the backward-facing USB port setup. Without an adapter (like the Jimi from Bluelounge which you can see in my recent desk setup video), plugging USB accessories into an iMac can be a pain. Plus, there are only a handful of ports available making a USB hub a near must-buy. So it’s great that the ProStation 3.0 can help improve that situation.

There are some additional ports as well for accessing storage cards. Nice to have as an option, I guess, but I never end up using them.

I also like that I can store things under this monitor stand (as you can with most monitor stands) but I’m split as to the height. On the one hand, this is a very slim profile as the stand doesn’t rise all that much. On the other hand, that means that taller objects can’t fit underneath it — and, of course — it doesn’t life your monitor up all that much.

In terms of build quality this monitor stand feels durable enough — but I also wouldn’t say it’s built like a tank. It will handle normal wear and tear just fine, however, but make sure to be careful around it when you’ve got other metallic objects nearby (like when you’re placing your iMac on top, for instance) so you don’t scratch things up.

At the end of the day this is a useful tool and addition to a media professional’s desk setup. I could see creative people of all sorts liking this monitor stand and any busy executive or person with lots of accessories to charge benefiting from it as well.

In terms of recommendations I’d say that if you’re looking for a monitor stand because you want to add some height to your setup (maybe for ergonomic reasons) this probably isn’t the stand for you as it just isn’t very tall. If you’re looking for something sleeker that can help you de-clutter your workspace or if you’re looking for a way to add some extra USB slots or a camera card reader to your setup, this could be the monitor stand for you.

Certainly if you’re an iMac owner (or have an external Apple monitor hooked up to a laptop) this is definitely one of the best monitor stands to consider.