Moshi Kameleon iPhone 6 Plus Stand Case Review

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In recent months there have been so many times I wished I had a stand for my iPhone handy. Watching Netflix while traveling, wanting to see the info on an open app more easily while working at my desk and for FaceTime calls to name a few off the top of my head. The funny thing is I have several iPhone stands laying around the house! But I don’t end up using them much because they usually aren’t very compatible with whatever case my iPhone happens to be wearing. And so began the hunt for what looked like the best iPhone stand case I could find online. This led me to the Moshi Kameleon which, during testing, performed efficiently.

The Moshi Kameleon ($54.95 on Amazon) is a dependable iPhone case that features a built-in stand that performs it’s core function very well but has a few things I can gripe about, although none of them would keep me from recommending the case.


Let’s start with the stand functionality because that is the main reason why a person would want to buy this case. If the stand doesn’t work well, the rest of the features are useless. Fortunately the stand works great. I’d call it awesome. It can be setup both horizontally and vertically; the horizontal mode is obviously great for watching movies and the vertical mode works great as a desk stand.

When you are not using the stand, it folds flat against the back of the case and doesn’t get in the way. When the stand is folded I don’t even notice that it’s there when I’m holding the phone. The kickstand itself made from a nice metal and has two parts; a base that holds the stand in place on the case and a leg (the part that sticks out). A hinge connects the two.

Opening and closing the stand is easy to do—you can stick a fingernail underneath to lift it off, but you don’t have to. I found I was able to get enough leverage with a thumb or a finger (or both simultaneously). The stand makes a satisfying click when it opens or closes. The leg seems fairly sturdy, though it’s got a bit of a tiny wobble, or maybe you could say there is some give if you try to jostle it. I’m not at all worried about it coming apart or undone, however, as I think this is probably just the manufacturer purposefully building in some flex.


I’ve found that I can open the stand using only one hand by holding the bottom of the case facing the ground and giving a quick flick of the wrist. Also, when picking up the case in a hurry I found I can just scoop the phone/case up with my left hand (while it’s in the vertical position) and it will close as I pick it up. I’m not sure that these were in intentional features, but I’m having fun with them at any rate.

You’ll definitely need to have a flat surface to place the phone and case on—it doesn’t work too well on a leg (like if you’re sitting on a couch or at a chair at the airport).

The version of the case I tested was for the iPhone 6 Plus. I wasn’t sure how well a stand case would work with such a large phone, but it performs very well with my phablet—the size and weight are not an issue at all.

The Kameleon comes in three colors. I tested out the black version, but from the looks of the website there is also an olive-ish color and a light khaki-ish color.

This is a case that isn’t trying to hide or not be noticed. It’s not as thin as some of the iPhone cases we’ve received here on DailyTekk this year, but it’s definitely not ask bulky as an Otterbox Defender or similar ultra-protective case. So I’d say it’s sort of a medium-bulk case.


The edging of the case fooled me into thinking it was metallic (I believe it’s actually plastic), but it looks and feels a bit smooth and shiny. The very front of the edge (basically the part of the case that would touch your desk if you laid the phone down screen first) is a bit rubbery. The back of the case is almost a vinyl-type plastic. It’s not flat; it’s got some texture do it. It looks like a brushed-aluminum finish in a way, though it’s clearly not.

The whole setup feels good in-hand. It’s not too slippery or anything like that.

But the case seems to be geared toward actually offering quite a bit of protection for your iPhone on top of providing a stand. It’s got some heft to it and if you dropped your phone I think it would do a great job of assuring it’s survival. But this added armor is definitely where some of the bulk I mentioned earlier comes from.

And now on to a few gripes I have. Again, nothing that would sink a purchase, but just a few things you should be aware of.

First, the coverings for the volume and power buttons on the sides of the phone are a bit mushy. With the Kameleon case on, these keys are definitely harder to press. Especially on the large iPhone 6 Plus, trying to press the upper volume rocker or the power button one-handed takes some concentration and patience at times. For some context, the Grovemade iPhone case clicks like a champ.

I’ve mentioned the “bulk” and “heft” of this case a couple of times. And that’s because this case is sort of heavy (for an iPhone case). Certainly heavier than I expected it to be.

Finally, there’s a groove around the edge of the case that’s noticeable on the back of the phone—a gap between where the back of the case and edge of the case come together—where junk can get stuck. I’ve only been using the case for a few days and there’s already something jammed in there—maybe from being in my pocket or something? It’s not a big deal, but it’s kind of annoying if you like things pristine.

So overall I really like the Kameleon. As a case with a stand, it works great. It will definitely provide excellent protection for your iPhone, although that does make it a little heavier. If you’re main goal is to buy a solid and convenient iPhone case with a built-in stand you won’t be disappointed.


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