MTailor Is The Coolest, Best-Priced Way To Order A Quality Custom Dress Shirt (Review)

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Finding a dress shirt that fits good can be hard, expensive or both. If you just go to a department store you’re going to get a shirt that can fit anybody and it’s really a matter of luck whether or not go find a shirt that fits really well. If you go to a tailor you’ll of course get a better fit but you’ll also pay plenty for it.

MTailor, on the other hand, is comparatively cheaper than using a tailor and makes finding a shirt that fits you exactly pretty easy.

You could probably define a custom shirt as one that was measured to fit your body but MTailor takes custom way beyond the measure. When MTailor says custom, they mean C-U-S-T-O-M.

Here’s a list of some of the things you can customize within MTailor: shirt pattern, collar style, cuff style, cut, monogram, tuck style (tucked or untucked) and pocket—there’s even an in app option to customize your shirt based on which wrist you wear your watch on.

Using the well-designed app ordering a custom shirt through MTailor requires following a few simple steps. There’s a visual picture driven process that shows you exactly what you’re ordering. I found the options impressive without being overwhelming and enjoyed the process far more then going to a store to pick out a shirt.


The apps design itself is excellent. In fact it’s one of the better app designs I’ve seen and perhaps the last year. No details were spared in the colors and illustrations make the entire experience very usable and pleasant. Clearly the team paid extra attention to making this app a standout not only among fashion apps but also among the population of the App Store in general.

By it’s very nature using an app let’s you see every option available quickly whereas shopping in the store means rifling through stacks and racks of shirts which is not only time-consuming but also means he might easily overlooked something good.

With MTailor there are no pesky salespeople and you have all the information you need right in front of you. Everything is self explanatory so whether this is your first time ordering a custom shirt or your 50th you will be equally happy with the results.

But the craziest part of using this app is the actual act of getting measured. MTailor accomplishes this by having you set your phone Down in a room with the camera aimed towards you. As you spin around in a circle with your arms up in the air wearing a minimal amount of clothing the app captures a you. Whether it is technology or an actual person or combination of the two that actually measures you I’m not certain but it didn’t feel a little bit weird. My wife was making fun of me saying the entire MTailor team was probably laughing at my video. MTailor assured me that my video and stay private; in any case I wasn’t too worried about it and I appreciated the convenience of not having to go to a store enough to give it a try.

From the time you place your order it takes about three weeks in order for your shirt to arrive. That may seem like quite a while but given all the different things that you can customize it’s well worth the wait. Especially considering the price.


Buying a shirt through am Taylor will only set you back $69. Ordering a custom shirt through traditional method would probably cost well over $100. Again considering everything that you can customize this seems like a great deal.

I want to take a minute to talk about the excellent customer service. If you’re not happy with your shirt MTailor will replace it for free with one more to your liking. You just don’t get that kind of customer service anywhere else. It’s a smart move by the company because it takes away the fear that a person might end up with something that they’re not happy with.

The shirt that I ordered from MTailor is very impressive. I absolutely love the pattern, collar options, cuff options, tucking options and fit options that I ordered. There were no mistakes and everything was right on the money. That said the shirt fit well but isn’t the best fitting shirt that I own. It could be that I’m simply not used to wearing a shirt that fits me so well but I feel like the shirt I got from Ministry of Supply still wears the crown in terms of best fit. Ironically that shirt was not custom fit to me so perhaps I just got lucky.

What I order another shirt from MTailor? Yes—absolutely. It’s a great service and I was pleased with results. The garment itself is very high-quality and the craftsmanship shows through. I’m impressed not only with this shirt but the app and the entire ordering process. When you add the element of extremely great customer service it’s hard to see how any man would want to go back to a normal tailor or store once they have tried this service.

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