Muemma Arina Speaker Review

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You’re staring at a work of art that also happens to play music. The Arina speaker is a very unique speaker unlike anything I’ve ever reviewed. It does so many thing I’m not even sure where to begin in terms of features. It’s definitely one of the coolest Bluetooth speakers I’ve ever seen.

So let’s start with the fact that it can hold stuff, sort of like a bowl. What kind of stuff? Well, since it’s also capable of charging your phone, that’s probably the most obvious thing. But if you had this speaker in your living room or bedroom, there’s no reason why it couldn’t hold a remote or wallet or anything else that would normally just lay around.

You can also hang this speaker on the wall and since it’s got a rechargeable battery you won’t have an ugly cord hanging off which looks really awesome. This is definitely something I’d want hanging on my wall — and mounting it is super easy.

This speaker’s also a bit of a chameleon since it can change the color of it’s skin. There are several colors you can choose from and in my testing changing covers happens much quicker with the Arina than with other color-changing speakers like those from Libratone. All it takes is a quick turn and the cover pops right off.

So, other than being able to hold things, being a portable charger, being wall-mountable and having the ability to change colors, this is, you know, a pretty normal speaker. Ha.

Before I get into what I think about it, you should also know that there’s a built-in microphone for making hands-free calls and the battery will last for a little over 10 hours per charge.

So how does this sculpture of a speaker actually sound? Well it sounds okay, frankly, but the sound isn’t going to blow you away. The speaker can get fairly loud but bass lovers aren’t going to be impressed (especially compared to a portable speaker like the UE Boom). Part of me kind of wondered how this speaker could hold anything shaking or rattling the stuff inside if it were too bass-heavy, but that turns out not to be a problem. In all honesty, this speaker is more high-fashion than high-fi. Still, this seems like a great speaker for an office or a bedroom or any other place where it isn’t functioning ...

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