My Cinema Lightbox review

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When it comes to decorating the space you live or work in, I’m a big fan of personalization and customization. I love to be in a place that I feel like is mine and that holds some meaning. I don’t love being a place with random decorations that I merely thought looked good.

Like, give you an example? Sure. Instead of random art hanging off my wall, I had a painter re-make a favorite photo I took of the pier in Malibu as an oil painting which my wife and I then had custom-framed.

Another example? My Cinema Lightbox. You know those old-timey movie theater signs that come out in a triangle over the sidewalk out front and have hand-placed letters spelling out the movies playing inside with a background that’s all lit up? It’s like that, but smaller and flat. Except instead of spelling out movies you can make it read whatever you feel like!


My Cinema Lightbox is versatile. It can sit or hang and it’s battery-powered so you won’t see a long ugly cord jutting out from it.

This is an item that could look great on your kitchen counter or on your office wall. You could use it to let your family know whose turn it is to do something. You could throw up an inspirational quote — Casey Neistat’s “Work Harder” is a good place to start. You could use it to passive aggressively intimidate company (haha). Or you could put it to work, like me.

I’ve actually found a very cool use for My Cinema Lightbox. I’m featuring it in DailyTekk’s YouTube videos. I just got it but it’s already appeared in a few videos. Right now I’ve got it at the end of my videos letting viewers know what channel they’re watching and asking them to subscribe. And it looks AWESOME.

Spelling it out…

So what’s it like using My Cinema Lightbox in the real world? In the box is the lightbox and a pack of letters to get you started. There are some double letters so you shouldn’t get stymied by a missing letter unless you’re spelling something crazy.

Adding letters is simple. They just slide in from either side (as I think you probably guessed). I found that it was easiest to get your letters picked out and laid out on a surface and then get them set in ...

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