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When it comes to decorating the space you live or work in, I’m a big fan of personalization and customization. I love to be in a place that I feel like is mine and that holds some meaning. I don’t love being a place with random decorations that I merely thought looked good.

Like, give you an example? Sure. Instead of random art hanging off my wall, I had a painter re-make a favorite photo I took of the pier in Malibu as an oil painting which my wife and I then had custom-framed.

Another example? My Cinema Lightbox. You know those old-timey movie theater signs that come out in a triangle over the sidewalk out front and have hand-placed letters spelling out the movies playing inside with a background that’s all lit up? It’s like that, but smaller and flat. Except instead of spelling out movies you can make it read whatever you feel like!


My Cinema Lightbox is versatile. It can sit or hang and it’s battery-powered so you won’t see a long ugly cord jutting out from it.

This is an item that could look great on your kitchen counter or on your office wall. You could use it to let your family know whose turn it is to do something. You could throw up an inspirational quote — Casey Neistat’s “Work Harder” is a good place to start. You could use it to passive aggressively intimidate company (haha). Or you could put it to work, like me.

I’ve actually found a very cool use for My Cinema Lightbox. I’m featuring it in DailyTekk’s YouTube videos. I just got it but it’s already appeared in a few videos. Right now I’ve got it at the end of my videos letting viewers know what channel they’re watching and asking them to subscribe. And it looks AWESOME.

Spelling it out…

So what’s it like using My Cinema Lightbox in the real world? In the box is the lightbox and a pack of letters to get you started. There are some double letters so you shouldn’t get stymied by a missing letter unless you’re spelling something crazy.

Adding letters is simple. They just slide in from either side (as I think you probably guessed). I found that it was easiest to get your letters picked out and laid out on a surface and then get them set in the lightbox. I also found that (at least for me) putting letters in “backwards” from left to right was somehow easiest. Otherwise you have to spell words backwards (starting with the last letter and working toward the first).

But you’re not going to fit a novel on this box. There are three lines and their max capacity is 7 to 8 letters. 7 letters is the max number that actually fit without any plastic hanging off the sides. But you can fit 8 if you need to. As I mentioned earlier, I wrote “subscribe” on my lightbox for use on my YouTube channel and the edges of the s and e touch the edge of the white backlight background — and the plastic edges hang off the sides just a bit.

But you can get creative with the way you style the letters. You don’t have to squish them together. If you have a shorter word, you can space letters out more. If you have a longer word, you may (I haven’t actually tried, hence they may) be able to overlap letters slightly to make a little more room.

Design and looks

I like the way My Cinema Lightbox looks. It’s got a retro feel to it, but in a hipster, rather than ancient, sort of way. The version I tested — with the metal frame — fits my style just fine. But there’s also a wooden version which looks pretty dope as well.

I also like the font they chose. It’s thin and kind of weightless giving the message you choose to spell out an air of simplicity and minimalism. There’s no baggage. It feels cheery and optimistic. Just what you’d want to have in your home (or office).

And the lightbox, by definition, puts out light. So when you’ve got it turned on, it can help brighten up your space a bit. But you definitely don’t have to have it on all the time (you’d go through a lot of batteries that way). It looks good during the day just hanging out wherever it is even when it’s not lit up.

A few things worth noting…

In case you are wondering, you’ll need 6 AA batteries to power My Cinema Lightbox (not included). You’ll want to install those before you add any letters; I did the opposite and my words got a bit messed up when I tiled it on it’s side to open the battery case.

Another important thing: you can buy extra symbols and letters to make your phrases a bit more interesting and creative. Need a smiley face or lightning bolt? You got it.


I think My Cinema Lightbox would make a great addition to your place. Maybe you are like me and love living in a place that reflects your personality and thoughts. Or maybe you haven’t designed your place that way but want to add some personalization. Or maybe you just need something new to keep things fresh. In either case, My Cinema Lightbox comes highly recommended from DailyTekk. And don’t forget to look for it in action on our YouTube channel!

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