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It turns out that being a blogger is a great way to get free t-shirts. Just recently I’ve added 6 new ones to my fledgling collection. I’ve learned some interesting things along the way like the American Apparel shirts I’ve received (3 so far) are much higher quality than the others I’ve gotten. This post is at the same time a way to give some cool companies some extra exposure and a cool way to feature great companies readers should check out. So, without further ado, here are 6 recent additions to my free t-shirt collection. Which shirts and/or companies listed are your favorites? Apologies for the blurry and hurried iPhone photos.

SAY Media – Pursuing Radness

SAY Media is an ad network which we’re proud to be a part of alongside other great tech sites like ReadWriteWeb, TechDirt and gdgt. Out of the shirts I’ve gotten so far this one definitely has the coolest art. It looks like something you’d find on Threadless. Amaerican Apparel!


exfm is an awesome way to discover music and share it with friends. This shirt is one of my favorites to actually wear. It fits great (American Apparel) and people always wonder what it means. exfm actually sent me two (the other one is a tan/beige color).

North Social

North Social creates simple apps for powerful Facebook pages. Gotta love the logo here. This logo appeals to me as a graphic designer and snowboarder. Another American Apparel piece of awesomeness.

Room 77

Room 77 is a great way to find the best hotel deals. Most people don’t seem to know what Room 77 is either, so wearing it can result in a good bit of explaining.


Color lets you share live video broadcasts with friends on Facebook. This one’s just plain and simple: a straight-up logo with no words. Simple is good. As you can see it’s fading a bit after a few washes…


Yarny lets you organize and write a novel in the cloud. Honestly not my favorite logo, but the people I talked to at Yarny are awesome and I’d rather have that than a cool logo.

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