My top 10 websites of all time (2012-2016)

Back in 2012 I started a tradition of rounding up the 100 best, most interesting websites I came across throughout the year and putting them into a list for other people to enjoy. And every year since then this series has always been the most popular content on DailyTekk. So now that I’ve been doing this for 5 years I thought I might as well pick my top 10 websites out of the top 500 I’ve already collected — that makes this list the top 2% of my favorite websites ever and it’s literally 5 years of researching and curating in the making. And just so everyone is clear, once a site is listed it never gets listed again. Oh ya, and it was really, REALLY hard to choose just 2 favorites from each year, so make sure to check out all 5 lists: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

So starting back in 2012 I discovered Uncrate and it’s since become a real favorite of mine. Uncrate filters the world’s coolest stuff for me in categories like gear, style, tech and more and it’s a quick way to catch up on the best of the best products for guys (and they have a great app now as well).

In 2012 I also came across Twisted Sifter which showcases the coolest, most interesting photos in the world. If it’s visually interested, you’re going to find it here. This is the only viral content site that made this list because it’s in a league of it’s own in terms of content and quality. And I love the Shirk Report, which is good for a guaranteed laugh each week.

And then in 2013 I came across SoulPancake which is the brainchild of The Office star Rainn Wilson. It’s a very unique site that talks about important topics in really creative ways. Here you’ll find everything from the now well-known Kid President to videos that explore people’s last days. If you don’t want to numb your life with content that just wastes your time, this is a great site to visit.

In 2013 I also came across The Art of Manliness which I happened to feature in yesterday’s top 10 podcasts of 2016 video. Like I said in that video, I appreciate that this site provides content geared toward guys that’s truly useful and informative and above all non-sleazy.

And then in 2014 Medium was launched by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams and became an instant favorite of mine. I think Medium is still struggling to find an identity, but it’s a unique place to find some really interesting perspectives on the news, TV and film, design and more. It’s basically a place for people who don’t have any other outlet to be seen and heard and that means you end up getting exposed to a lot of creative indie content.

Next up is Daring Fireball which is a blog that’s actually been around since 2002 but it wasn’t until 2014 that I really started reading it. It’s written by Jon Gruber and it’s mostly about Apple products. The thing is, Jon’s analysis of tech in general is second-to-none and he cuts through all the crap with short, meaningful insights. Oh, and he’s really good at predicting the future in relation to Apple.

In 2015 Product Hunt came along and became the only site I really check for certain on a daily basis. There’s a great community of tech-addicts who submit and self-curate a daily list of the best new product launches. If you want to know what’s new in technology without checking the news, this is the place to go.

Vox also made my list in 2015 and it’s tagline — Understand the news — seems really accurate to me. Here you won’t find the same news being spewed out by mainstream outlets like NBC, Fox or CNN. Instead, you’ll get insightful, data-driven articles about current topics — and ya, you’ll come away feeling a bit smarter and more informed about world events and less like you’re just a sponge absorbing someone else’s opinion.

And now, in 2016, one of my favorite new websites is Upvoted from Reddit. Basically, it’s all the best stuff from Reddit minus all the junk. Honestly, Reddit proper is one of my least favorite websites to visit because I can’t stand the format and don’t like running to all the garbage. But this site fixes all of that.

And finally, 2016 is the year I discovered The Hustle. Now technically this is a newsletter more than a website, but they keep an archive online and without a doubt this is some of the most interesting reading I’ve ever come across online. It’s definitely got a startup and entrepreneur focus, but it’s pretty slight meaning this content is totally enjoyable by anyone and everyone. If you can only visit one site from this list, I’d say make it this one.