Narrative Clip 2 review and GIVEAWAY!

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I really like the idea of being able to record aspects of my life in a hands-off way. Like what if I could see what I did today, or yesterday, or a year ago — at any moment throughout the day — without ever having taken out my phone or camera to snap a photo or video? That’d be pretty cool, right? Well that’s exactly what this little guy — the Narrative Clip 2 — is capable of doing. Today I’m going to review it, compare to another small wearable camera and I’ll also be giving a brand new one away… so watch the end of the embedded video for a chance to win!

So Narrative calls the Clip 2 the world’s most wearable camera and I’d have to agree. It’s a tiny camera that you can clip to just about anything — including your clothes, your car visor, your backpack or even your pet’s collar — that takes automatic photos. Yep, that’s right: by default the Clip 2 takes a photo every 30 seconds when it’s active, but you can change that interval to as short as every 10 seconds or as long as every 2 minutes.

And it has some pretty respectable specs for being such a small device. It’s got nearly 8 Gigabytes of storage space, takes 8 Megapixel photos and shoots HD video and it’s battery can fully charge in just 1 hour. As you’re probably realizing from all of that, it’s really meant to be able to capture an entire days worth of activity.

The Clip 2 comes with a few clip options and a small lanyard you can use to wear the camera around your neck in case you don’t feel like clippin. And there’s also a few stickers you can use to customize the look of the device, but I don’t really care about those. I like the look straight out of the box.

Now there’s no buttons on the Clip 2 per se. Everything happens automatically, which is the whole point of this camera, with one exception: you can double tap on the front of the camera to manually take a photo or a short 10-30 second video. And I really like this feature. It’s a lot quicker than taking out a phone, launching a camera app and then framing up a shot. If something interesting is happening in front of you, ...

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